My mother is watching a dumb movie and keeps calling me to see random things in that. I am so damn frustrated right now man. The dumb cable connection has not even come today. I wasted the whole day waiting for a cable connection and finally id did not show up. If it does not come tommorrow, I am going to screw that guy. Really. I am going to study now for the practicals tommorrow, and hopefully will do well. IT pracs was there today, but only J went with one another person from our calss, and therefore it is allright. No one else went. It was mass bunking at its height. Will study for tommorrow. If the net comes, I will stay up all night. DAMN. Now I a writing blogs and timestamping them on notepaditself. Read a few comics today and like one page of LOTR.

Saw musafir almost in its entirity by evening, and listened to the radio. I am really pissed right now. MAybe will go online on mtnl and check my e-mail...SHIT.The cablewalah came and did the same old refresh thing time and again till he could pretend to know what he was doing no more. After that, he just clicked on a few random icons, and restored all the net settings to default, and then went up to the terrace a few times, and finally, the shitfucker told me that he would have to bring the connection tommorrow. That asshole did not even know what he was doing.


The font should have been bloody fucking bigger. Living in a civilised society has its downsides too.
I would really like to scream right now, but that would make people suggest therapy.

8:00 pm.

I hate you God right now.