About today

My normal blog has reduced to a number of about today notes. I have been updating the two new blogs regularly, and therefore, have not put aything of interest here. Will jot down a few thoughts later....
Ok, about today
Went to college as usual. Turns out K's granddad is dead, and that's actually his uncle. Showed him to b, and he went to k, and k probably laughed. Bad mistake to make. A once mistook my dad to be my grandpa. I have never been able to accurately guess ages...
ah well...
totally screwed up in physics 1, will not even get ten bloody marks. Physics 2 in the classes went much better. tommorrow is the big day. maths 1. don't know anything, but I am not too bothered. can do the stuff tommorrow
I am the only guy in the boards to give feb 2005 exams, and start studying in jan 2005
how thick is that???