About today, and yesterday, and probably day before too

Did not have cablenet for two days, and like a good boy, I did not go on the net using mtnl, and saved a lot of money.
It started with some error in the SAm server, that I could not get through. So I called up the sify helpline. Idiots, call them as a new subscriber, and someone attends to you imidiately. call them with a problem, and it takes five minutes on the phone listening to crap music before the unhelpful guy on the phone comes and starts asking you dumb questions. My profile needed updating. they needed my surname, and number and all that shit. that obviously did not solve the problem, but he asked me totry anyway. I did, and it hadn't, if you get what I am saying, otherwise it really does not matter.
What the hell?
Then some lady calls and asks me to put bypass ports in my firewall, and when I tell her that I am not using a firewall, she asks me to do so still. What the hell? Then she notes down that the problem is solved. I call again that evening, and this time he asks me to scan the pc for viruses, and I say tht Ihae done so with TWO antivirus softwares, Norton and AVG, both pretty reputed. He does not seem to believe and tells me to scan again. that unhelpful asshole. Then all of a sudden, tonight, the problem sorts itself out. Whatever, you know...

Half way through LOTR. That's so cool...

s calls me ysterday night and asks me to come over today morning. I say No, then I say yes, then I contemplate about it and say No in the end, because I have pracs this morning... or rather had, but would have had it in the next morning yesterday, so half my thoughts were in future tense, and the other half in past.
Shit, right now, something caled pop-under advertising just loaded itself. Those total freaks.
Anyway, so I said yes, but I did not wanna go, and this morning, s calls up and when I say I'm not coming, he begins to shout at me. I stay adamant, and then a calls up, speaks for an hour, I am still sleeping almost, and finally she convinces me to go. Dumb thing to do. So I catch the car on the way, and end up there. The name of the colony is Vijayanagri, and there were arrows all over the place pointing to vijaynagri, but in contrasting directions.
But I ended up in his house eventually, had really nice pav-bhaji, drank a cup of pepsi, which surprised me by appearing, and then left by the cidco bus. I went there for only twenty minutes or so.
Ended up in college, did the first excercise, threw away thes second practically in his face, moved my ass out of there. Oh, it was traditional day today, but I didn't celebrate it. ThenI wait for them to show up, and then talk to them for a while, go to vt, buy dhaani and rabbi in planet M, come bak to sion at 3, meet up with them, and wait with y and n as the sir bores all the other people by bloody actually teaching them image mapping, which he did not do for us that freak.
And finally they come out, and we go to gk., and I have gulkab jamun, and then we all go home. Next time is on feb second, when we have a physics revision lecture. What the hell. If they are giving out the papers I am not gonna take it. DAmn.
Any way, I don't remember much of ysterday and day before except that I have lost around 800 Mbs of songs, but that is opk, because I am still willing to forgive this. Imagine the speed of ethernet. Ahhh.
Ah well...
yopu know how it goes....