Churi Pole

This is just another about today entry with a different subject for the sake of varietywent to college. maths one exam. the test went so much better than I expected it to go. I was like expecting to fail, and I got to answer all the questions, so this was a good paper that I have written...Then ate purichole that I ended up calling churipole and purecholi as well. DAMN. I was rightly losing it....who cares. The other two blogs are much more interesting now. Read the really evil black magic blog, and it is like affecting me. I'm NOT going to do it. That's a resolution, not even trying. When I started looking at the occult, I had just brushed the surfae, now I am looking at things so twisted...and most of it is about fetishes! It's always a "fun" way to do it, and I invariably find a little normal magic in the middle of pages and pages about Kamasutra techniques. If you go tantrik, it means you are going kamasutra. Andsome of the things they claim to have done is downright funny...Something is wrong with blogger, it is not showing all the posts that I have osted. dumb thing. So full of shit I am looking for some way to download the entire blog to my hardisk, so that I have a very safe backup you know....Tomorrow, have only one exam, chem II, will not study for it, but will go to british council, hand in the books, and not take anything. Long time since I have gone there you know, and tommorrow, it is expiring and all...what the hell