About today

Today sucked. Wrote the paper, was easier than I thought it would be, and yet, I had not studied for it at all. Knew the answers or guessed them correctly. had to copy a lot in the physics I test. dont know what I will do about it in the college prelims tommorrow. Am bored shit of this stuff. Today, did the usual crap you know... went to coll, went to classes, came back home. Nothing special to blog. No thoughts, no nothing. Am concenterating more on the two new blogs that I have made, and they are coming round justfine. Don't know the purpose of all these blogs though. What the heck.Anyway, the nb//- nb//-- -e virus is back on my comp. I don't know how, the hardrive was erased and all. Shit. Balaji finally discoved the compound fuckshit. it is actually fukashite. An arsenic derivative of a phenole is generically called an arseole. These scientists, really do have a sense of humour. Will study a bit of physics tommorrow, if I am in the mood to, and looks like I will very much not be. Ok, bye.