about today

Parent’s anniversary today. 20 years. Ok.
What in hell is biomagnification? Actually the question in the test was a plain and simple, define biomagnification. What the hell. I missed out on that and oxytocin, but wrote everything else in an almost perfect manner. Don’t know how much I will score though, I don’t think the papers will get corrected. What the hell. The pracs are also around the corner. And just 40 days left for the bloody boards now. What the hell is happening?
Before the test, there was this huge bio I pracs, in which I did everything almost perfectly, and things went much better than the bio I pracs yesterday. I had the pracs today morning, and it already seems like it happened days ago. It was early in the morning, and had something v and k had got for lunch. Then headed over to college, where I wrote the test, then headed back home via gk. Had salted lassi in gk, and no one took a part of it, but the most embarrassing thing happened after gk. Mother nature had called like hell, and I went into college. S saw me at it. Damn. Never thought he would follow me into the cloakroom…
Anyway, came home in the train with friends, and then came back home. Just found out that I talk in a VERY weird way. Damn.
Will write something about Viking gods in the myth blog.
The stupid spellchecker does not have the word blog on it. That’s so bad.
Ok, some stats in today’s TOI
The quake is =
-boiling 1000 litres of water for each person in the word
-annual production of 940000 barrels of oil per day
-5 times the power used by Norway in 1998
-13 times the power of Karakatoa in 1883
-40000 ‘little boys’ – the Hiroshima bomb
-a billion bolts of lightning