More political musings

Aren’t we all anarchists at heart? The very fact that we detest the government or any small part of it proves that we are anarchists. Even if we don’t take a radical view and go around blowing up places, the very fact that we comment on the “bad” government shows that we don’t want it that way, and that we are anarchists. We will probably always want to pull down the government we have and put a better one in place. Maybe this is built into our instincts from our early tribal days.
Democracy does not work, there is way too much scope for cheating the public, and it is something like too many cooks spoiling the broth. Democracy will only work on smaller levels, but the cost of maintaining it in running a country as large as India is too much, and I am not taking about the directly financial costs.
America is a very successful nation and all, but Capitalism does not work too. It’s like a commercial free for all, where everyone gets so selfish that no one really has anything… and the illusion of all the wealth will come crashing down as soon as there is a slight shift in the factors fuelling the lies. Capitalism is really like building castles in the air…
Socialism simply does not give freedom to the people. That is the real struggle of everything you know… freedom. Do we deserve it? Obviously, we are actually entitled to it, but any civilization will by definition, impose a few laws for overall security, which will not give an Individual absolute freedom. The best way to go about it is to earn the type of freedom that you want every single day, and then go about your business. That is why I think anarchism will work…
Anarchism works for two simple reasons…
1) People don’t simply want to boss around each other like in democracy, or people aren’t really in power like in socialism or capitalism.
2) People are willing to accept only a total lack of any authority
But then, it wouldn’t be civilization. Well, is it really that now?
At the end of the day, I think what really sucks is not the government, but the people it is governing. The fault is not with the system, but with the individual parts. The governments don’t suck, the people do.