Current idea of God

Why do i think about this so much.
Ok, because entropy exists, it is not possible to make perpetual motion machines. the law of conservation of mass states that no energy or matter can be created, it can only be transformed from one form to another.
So how did the load of matter come up in the first place.
The scientists have assumed the big bang, and the mathematics of the zero dimension, or singularity cannot be calculated on without a fourth dimension, time. All four (and higher) dimensions erupted from it. As there was no height, width or length before just after the big bang, there was no time too. So basically, there was no point as a "before" the big bang. we being in the universe, cannot even think of even a hypothetical outside you know. Its like a newborn dealing with the concept of infinity calculations.
Man will forever be that new-born
So I think god has to exist, I don't buy the crap above. God exists precisely because of the law of conservation of enegry. some infinitely dynamic source of energy must exist somewhere in the multiverse, call it what you may, i call it god.
- I don't think you need to worship that source of energy, though you can be awed
- This source of energy need not even be intelligent, it can just keep giving out bursts of energy like an atomic bomb
-I don't think this outside energy has any power inside the universe, so ultimately it doesen't matter
-It will never react with us
-it won't care a damn about us, even if it can
-We cannot blame it for that
-we have no predestined purpose, no reason, we just are, a random bunch of superintelligent molecules
-it is destructive to think about it