About today

Another day of praticals. Did a few thing, and things were generally better than yesterday. I actually got a perfect for my graphwork, which is a rare compliment from the Sir. Also learn a huge manipulation trick in a graph. just find out the approximate value of what you want, and keep in mind the tan of that angle, then draw the tangent to the slope at that angle. This is a very simple thing to do.Finally got cablenet. This is going to be so good. All around connectivity. However, there is just one small problem. It is only from the timing of nine o clock in the evening to nine o clock in the morning. This is going to be one hell of an inconvinience, but what the hell, might as well...What I really like is the bandwidth. An amazing 128 kbps. Thats just kilo bits per sec, but atleast thats better than a stupid dumb dialup with only 8kBps. there is indeed a difference between a bit and a byte.Ah well. Am updating both the new blogs regularly, and am really curious about my word count. Hope they sort out the stats soon...Have to call Aththey today, will do that. Have to wear traditional clothes tommorrow. Such a wierd thing to do. I donno if I am going to do it or not. Don't know if people will remember that it was the sme one that I had worn for my tenth farewell or not. DAMN.Damn and double damn. Father probably came home, the doorbell rang. It was the bloody dobhi, who my mother suspects is a thief. I think he is just a harmless and overfriendly fool.Broadband from tommorrow. I am SO happy.No I am not.will go online and check mail now. wonder who will be god for the day today...hmmmok