Friday, January 21, 2005

Rich girl.

Hearing the song rich girl by Gwen Stefani love-hate the nananana... bit. Can't get the song out of my head. Finally I have more songs than I can handle. DAMN. Will download almost anything now, and I am getting a steady stream of music tht I haven't heard before. Ah well... all my music needs are satisfied now. Can listen to net radio like I listen to live radio. Cablenet was a good option, really. Ah well...Saw the Serena-Sania match. I thought Serena was arrogant and was playing like Australia would play when faced with the gali crocket team from here. But she must have said something encouraging at the end of the match, she patted her shoulder. Nice gesture according to me... I thought she was being apartheid you know... Mirza being an Indian and all. The guy commentator was good, and encouraging, but the lady commentator was being pragmatic. The crowd was cool though, they wanted the underdog to win, as always. If Mirza is not spoilt by loads of ads and stuff, she has the potential to become an A-grade player.Ah well, India was never good at sports.Mom is at home today, bakkri id is a holiday. Am basically doing nothing, but am going to back up all the songs Ihave downloaded by writing them... you kind of have to do it, or it is a waste you know. Lets see... 900 mb of songs! That's so cool. i would have probably exceeded the capacity in one night if it weren't for unlimited. Satyam ka maar rahan hoon. Total paisa vasool you know. Listening to rape me by nirvana. Heard it as break free. I heard let me entertain you by robbie williams as rape me, during the dragged let me part. Ah well. BAcking up the cds now...

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