About today

just finding out a way to post photos to accompany my blogs. why cant they have a simple attach photo box? such a stupid thing to do. Now I have to figure how that works too. Will promise to blog every single day of this year.
Ok, this is about first jan
-did not study anything at all
-did not water the plants when asked to
-played deus ex all day, am at the chataue level
-drank a can of diet coke, which has only 0.4 calories
-have my prelims bio I exam on monday, have to perform
-will probably study tomorrow (or today, now)
-drew up a scale of sentience
-slept as soon as mom came home from work
-say bits of kuch na kaho on sony
-saw around three scenes of jp2
-thought the current would go, and it did
-am doing this really late in the night
-had sajge, which had too many reising and cloves
-had saranna for dinner, which was good, but had no salt or ghee
-will play deus ex now, before sleeping
-called up jordan, called him jordan (not his real name), and his mom said that it was a wrong number
-called up s, and he have not yet given him his underwear