this sucks

I just realized I will turn eighteen this year.
Picassa's helloo sucks, just talking me round in circles, and I cannot publish photos on my blog. Stupid windows sucks, because it steals focus from what I am doing. something else, sucks, I wanted to write that then I forgot, which sucks too.
Oh yeah,
this sucks, thats the bloody title.
when I blog, they just seem to appear in random order. I mean, I wrote about the plumed seprent first, so It showed up. then I blogged about my scale of sentience, which came up above it, so far so good. The latest blogs show up on top, I can handle that. Then I write about today.. or yesterday, and what happens? It freakin shows up below the sentience scale!?! Must be something to do with the time. Let's see where this shows up. nyway, just figured out what else sucks too, picassa's site is just staying blank, so my stuypid dial up sucks too
that was a shout
ok bye