Why are we here

Thid is a dumb discussion in some msn group thingy that I havesigned up with. What the hell...

WHY ARE WE HERE Its a question that most of us ponder about,and its rare that we find answers to it,because our lives are so much of a mystery,we never know whats coming in next.its like a roller coaster ride with its highs and lows,all beyond our control,but nevertheless its a trip that never fails to suprise us with its elusiveness.everyone is aware of the fact that each of us is unique,is special in our own way,and that each one of our lives evolve around the experiences life subjects us to.Its said that life without an aim is a journey without a destination.what we do fail to understand however is that our materialistic aims or goals,or our successful careers are not the reasons for our existence.we are here to learn,learn from life,learn from people,learn from our experiences.The keyword being LEARNING.Life is our teacher and we her students,trying to learn and perfect our understanding of our earthly existence,our responsibilities to the people who have nurtured us with love and care,to the society that has made us think the way we do,to god who made such a beautiful creation out of his love for us.it would be such a pity to let life pass by us without treasuring all that knowledge it has to gift us,for knowledge is wisdom,something that may take years for us to realize if we dont make the most of what we have now by learning from it,be it in terms of relationships,people or our bad phases in life.as human beings we must realize that theres more to life than being successful in the materialistic sense,we must be successful human beings too.each of us is blessed with talents,and gifts,and if we could use it to make the lives of other people any better,its gratification is much more profound than we can imagine.that kind of happiness and satisfaction is what we are suppose to be striving for.life is never too short to learn if you show the willingness to learn!! we are living in times where each one of us needs to use his/her talents to contribute something for the betterment of this world,enriching everyones life with a new sense of purpose,understanding and wisdom.nothing comes easy as most of us aknowledge,but showing any kind of dislike or hatred to the obstacles that we face ,make us small in our own eyes.someone once said "hating people means hating yourself, because what you hate in others is present in yourself too,therefore loving and respecting others would make you love and respect yourself,making you eternal students of life"the dictom stands very true for us ,and probably would guide us into living our lives in a more fulfilling way.everyone has their own reason to live ,and so does everyones life have a purpose,it is for us to discover,and make it a part of our daily lives!! only god and we ourselves know as to WHY WE ARE HERE,so think about it,DONT BE A PERSON OF SUCCESS ,BE A PERSON OF VALUE WHICH COMES ONLY FROM LEARNING!!!!!!!!!!