Why religion sucks

The problem is that the world is divided into those that blindly believe in god, or blindly don’t. There is no scope for spiritual exploration. We men have a lot of questions, like who am I? What am I going to become in life? Do I have a destiny to fulfill? Is there a power watching over me. Like I said in yesterday’s post, a religion is just a set of answers to these questions. Some of us can live our life without wondering about creation and the universe and a single man’s relation with it. But some of us dare to ask such questions, and we have ready made answers in the form of religion. Now so much that it has been passed down to the next generation, which according to me is mankind’s greatest blunder.A religion just exploits a person because of his beliefs, which anyway are forced onto him, brainwashed you can say. They say that they build temples and schools. Run a bloody charity organization then, instead of talking a few nonsense words, jabbering a few useless prayers and raking in the money in the name of a god, which is a very personal concept and something that should not be shared with anyone. A religion actually negates its own aims. By giving a man a readymade set of answers to all his questions, it just strips him of the spiritual enlightenment, or at least spiritual journey towards recognizing and conceiving an unique idea of a god. Religion sucks.