Deus ex and the Da Vinci code

References to the illiminati are everywhere. Why the hell??
It is in both positive and negative light

this is scary

-Infected Mushroom's album converting vegitarians has a song named "Illuminaughty". No lyrics, so hard ot make out what they are trying to say.
-In Tomb Raider, the bad guy is funded by the illuminati
-In the Da vinci code, they are extinct.
-From what I have found out, they very much are not, and Bush, Kerry and Blair are just some of the prominant members. There are the freemasons, a sub-sect of which are both the illuminati and the order of the rosicrucians, or the rose cross. The ivy-league secret societies are just organisation for the choosing of potential members.
-why the heck do they need lodges? even if they are for good things? maybe just the feeling of brotherhood
-In Deus Ex, they are portrayed in both a positive and a negative light. What the hell?

now the similiarities between deus ex and the da vinci code
-both involve a search in a chateau, one in a duclare chateau, and one in Teabing's Chateau
-Bang after the Chateau, both head out to THE tomb of the templar knights
-Both sophie and the DuClare girl have been referred to as princesses from their grandparents
-Said grandparents have been assassinated
-Both were not on speaking terms with their grandparents when they were killed
Thats as much as I have found out so far. Will go and play the game now, even though I have the exams in three hours time. What the hell...
oh having idlis now
or rather fermented rice batter cooked under pressure