About today

Almost, but not quiet studied. Damn. Tommorrow, will have to do it. Downloaded a lot of Yancovich and Mozart today. Slept most of the afternoon, and then played songs on wmp10, which I downloaded yesterday. Am going to start work on a startbar toolbar plugin for winamp. It's going to be tough... but what the hell, I have something useful to do in the vacs after the boards.

Used evil lyrics, but need something that will search all the lyrics and save them quicker. Even better, need a filetype that saves the lyrics with the song. Why haven't people thought of that yet?

Eminem is the best thing since elvis presley. Listening to without me right now. This blog needs a music bar, that says what music we were listening to at that point of time as writing the blog. Will probably suggest that.

Had a long discussion about child labour. Too tedious to write it all here but basically, amma was saying that these organisations like cry are totally corrupt and end up ruining the lives of the farm children, who don't need things like the cannizaro's reaction for what they are going to do, and education makes them come to the cities with big dreams, which spoils their land and makes them criminals. Such a paranoid view according to me.