About today

for some reason, the sir was khadus to me at the pracs, or maybe I am just paranoid. I donno.
ANyway, had such a crazy day, that is is already all woozy now. Just eighteen hours ago, I was fast asleep, cannot even believe that.
main highlights
-pracs equipment does not work
-i wait
-and wait
-and wait
-i go down and eat
-do one experiment, the apparatus gets corrected, but I have to do meter bridge and wait for potentiometer
-i wait
-i get fed up
-i go out to roam
-my pants are damn loose, cannot roam, so I climb a train
-call from mom, she's at the station
-i convince her ot buy me a belt, and the train leaves
-i go to mulund, catch a train back to thane, she's waiting at the bus stop
-we buy a belt
- I eat a peda
-I go back to classes with LOTR
-I wait
-I think, what a huge waste of time
-I read LOTR
-I go to sleep on the bench
-K, V, and m come
-Finally do the experiment in like twenty minutes
-Had to wait all day for that filthy shit
-The pracs are totally useless, not handled properly, a HUGE waste of my time
ah well
that's today
I guess life gets crazy after you start going to college. DAMN.