If all is not lost, where is it?

Thats so cool. It was said by some dudette called Gloria Miller. Reader's Digest has not gone very much to the dogs after all, but I still have my misgivings since India Today took over it. The puplications of Times group are getting tabloidish by the day.
not that it matters very much, not that anything actually matters very much now.
Where was I in the precious blog before I was interupted before a fruitless cyberspace clickathon by my father, who just went in circles while I watched secretly through the corners of my eyes while half heartedly reading the Jan issue of RD, which finally came via courier.
Then the computer became uncooperative probably because of all the useless clicking... and dad finally gave up trying to make it work for him, so now i am trying to, and it has been more responsive than it usually is.
But at the moment, I am very happy with it. finally managed to burn a properly finalised cd with the downloads of yesterday and today, though i could not fir the something stupid video in it. Will probably start downloading from eleven o clock today, and let it run all the way till nine tommorrow, so I can download more stuff today. Limewire is a HUGE disappointment. It let me down at around three o clock this morning, when I was fast asleep and had no clue that it had given up downloading for some wierd reason. I had to get up at around six, and start over everything at ares to make a little paisa vasoool. Limewire wasted a day of my cablenet, though I have noticed that the speed goes down in the wee hours of the morning. Those cheating bastards...
They NEVER deliver what they promise. The bandwidth promised is almost never what you get, even with a reputed provider like Satyam.
forget shit like MTNL. Bloody 40Kbps. That's like what five kilobytes per second. Thats so sucks.
This is obviously infinitely better than MTNL> I will try downloading a game any time soon. Listening to evanescense now, and almost cannot hear it, becaouse of amma's kind suggestion to hear it by keeping it at a volume below seven. I particularly like tourniquet, though my favorite is wake me up. something wrong with the cd drive or the cd. The sound is faltering. MAybe the connections with the speaker is not perfect. Will have to sort it out.
Had trouble listening to the radio in the morning. Ah silence now.
Read a bit of LOTR in the bus.
Ah well....
that's all the crap this dumb blog can get out of me today.