finally, images

OK, I finally figured out how to upload the images without using the stupid bloggerbot...
Geocities does allow me to steal bandwidth, so long as I get a limited number of views of my blog. What the hell, that's fine by me...
anyway, now it turns out that its MY bandwidth that I am stealing, which is a bit of a downer, but does make sense in its own wierd way.
ok, the images for the quetzalcoatl story I read...

Thats the headdress that Montezuma gave to Cortes thinking he was Quetzalcoatl returned

And that's Quetzalcoatl's mask, presumably made up of Jade. Something about this was given in the book's notes, so readthe previous post

And that's an Aztec drawing of Quetzalcoatl that I got after a google, and which was not in the book

And finally, a photo of a Quetzal, which is not a painting. It still looks cute though. That is still a very bad word for a guy to use
and this stupid thing removes the quotes! What an absolutely dumb thing to do!