the idiot called Prabhupada

Hey if he insults newton or nobel, i'm gonna insult him like hell too

There is this guy called Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who is a compelete and total crackpot. This idiot does not know a single thing about the sciences that he puts down. His argument against science is as follows:This is an extract from the book "life comes from life" which is a compilation of Prabhupada's ignorant ramblings against science...
Srila Prabhupada: This material world is a composition of three qualities - sattva, rajas and tamas (goodness, passion and ignorance) - which are working everywhere. These three qualities are present in various proportions in all species of life. for example, some trees produce nice fruit, while others are simply meant for fuel. This is done due to the association of particular qualities of nature. Among animals too, these three qualities are present. The cow is in the quality of goodness, the lion in passion, and the monkey in ignorance. According to Darin, Darwin's father is a monkey. [laughter] He has theorised foolishly.Dr. Singh: Darwin has said that some species become extince in the struggle for survival. Those which are capable of surviving will survive, but those which are not will become extinct. So he says survival and extinction go side by side.Srila Prabhupada: Nothing is extinct. The monkey is not extinct. Darwin's immideate forefather, the monkey is still existing.
I passionately hate this fellow. I am not using stronger words because of his age and eminance, but he really is capable of speaking total rot.
That's what evolution is about, isn't it? Our children will grow to become better than us, that's what we are there for. If we all become celebists and sit and speak rot about other sane people, we won't have any children, and the human race will die out. When he says that According to Darwin, his own father is a monkey, I thought that he was just using a monkey as a loose term for the ancestral apes. When he finally said that the monkey is still alive, I just couldn't take any more of his shit.First of all, man did not come from an ape, but both men and apes came from the same ancestral creature known as the dryopithecus, which, following darwins theory, is extinct. Not because it died out, but extinct because it evolved. In the true sense of the word, extinction in darwinism is not applicable, here dryopithecus is immortal because we are as good as immortal.what utter rot. Read the book, and I will take up anyone on it. I thought this guy was knowledgable and I could learn something by reading thebook. All the hullabaloo is about absolutely nothing.SHIT.
The conversation continues
Karandhara: Darwin said there must be a natural selection. But selection means choice, so who is choosing?
Srila Prabhupada: That must be a person. Who is allowing someone to survive and someone to be killed? There must be some authority with discretion to give such an order. That is our first proposition. who that authority is, the Bhagcad gita says. Krsna says mayadhyaksena prakrith: "nature is working under my supervision."
This guy does not know a thing and has totally misunderstood natural selection.
He actually calls scientists rascals. I really loath this guy. He is one person I titally dislike, and passionately hate. I really cannot bear it, he says that all nobel prize winners are asses.