Shankaracharya thing

They have arrested the junior Sankaracharya now. In my opinion, it is right. These people just rob all of us in broad daylight... never pour money into their "faiths" or the funds fuelled by it. they eat most of it anyway. Arresting and disabling the matt is a very good move, really, this country needs a Jayalalitha or a Lalu rule, and amazingly enough, that’s exactly what it has now. I am happy with the current government, because they have a HUGE obligation to deliver, though I think the only reason it won was the anti-incumbency factor. I think it was the single thing… people just wanted to turn around and shout a huge “POPAT” to the government, with their shit shining India campaign. Sonia Gandhi did an amazing thing by refusing to become the prime minister. She just shut everybody up, and now no one can say that foreigners rule us. I really wanted to vote, but at the grassroot level, things move very slowly indeed. My parents did not get to vote because their names were not on the list. Hope mine are… next year. And hope there are no elections next year.