Paying it forward

Just saw Paying it forward. As soon as I saw the kid die, I thought, why the hell?That was such a dumb thing to happen. It was a cool movie so far, then why did they have to kill him off? I realised that the movie could be based on an incident in real life. If it was ficiton, it was bad fiction, if it was real, it was damneffinggood reality. Turns out it was fiction. Like the song though, calling all angels, will try to download it today. Nice song, thought it was sung by Bic Runga, but it was someone else.
Benny Hinn is here in India. That old fraud. Liked the movie, leap of faith. Shows what people like him do. That is the one reason my whole point of view changed. I hated him for cheating the people like that, but it is just a form of enrtertainment, that is given the illusion of being real. Like WWF wrestling, or books like "nomad of the time streams" by Moorcock, or the story about Jinns by Ruskin Bond. You just make something look like real so people buy it... Not such a bad idea, just a very low marketing strategy that's all.But atleast on some level, the others accept that it is only entertainment, Hinn does not. WIll look him up on the net...