Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lage Raho Munnabhai

The movie is almost flawless... amazing production values, great story, amazing casting, well chosen guest appearences and cameos, but everything pales in front of the theme, which just explodes right out of the theater. I mean you are sitting at a restaurant, two people bump into each other, say sorry and move on. That's not the influence of the movie, the influence is a guy on ANOTHER table, commenting "In log Munnabhai dekh ke aye kagta hai" (These guys must have just seen Munnabhai).

The film is about Gandhism - without the Gandhi. There was a show on headlines today, congress seemed to be very please with the movie, and they were discussing whether Mahatma was a sad thing they did to Bapu. I don't care, and HT got it wrong... Gandhi is totally out of the equation... he just gave the ideology, and then vanished. Its our respnsibility to see if this ideology is a better option... that's all the movie says, and it does this in the most amazing way. It shows how one can be a gandhivadi in practical, everyday situations, like choosing a good boyfriend, or being faced with curroption, or people who spit too much. Each scene in the movie is a challenge to gandhism that is faced by the chars in the movie. And the most amazing thing is that they conclusively show that this philosophy is within all of us, we just need to look inside our hearts to find it. Amazing movie.

People are however still suspicious of anything with a political color on it, and the movie will be hated by a few unnecessarily because of people who will say this has come out as a gimmick close to the blast trials, and be suspicious of the congress being so happy about this movie. The opposition can however not say anything, even if all of this is true, because the movie is NOT political in the remotest sense. Must watch. Probably going again.

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Hiren said...

The film is flawless no doubt but whether the impact stays flawlessly remains to be seen.

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