Monday, September 11, 2006


Its ok for one guy to bear the burden of his expirience... but for Mankind to be pre-occupied with history, and almost all of which they had no role to play in, is just fucking stupid. Its not even a problem that we spend so much time chasing these questions, but it is that we require more than a practical idea of our past, we are attempting the impossible to create a real picture of something that is lost to and on us by trying to figure out a veritable mess despite knowing that most of it is distorted and that it was written by the winners. What we understand of our past and the part of our culture that relates to it will be elusive anyway... I am not saying that we should stop seeking answers because we know that they are all going to be wrong a little into the future, what I am saying is that we dont need to place undue emphasis on things that dont really matter, and let it affect our personal lives, or the lives of people we have undeserved control over... Comemmorate the national song, celebrate Shivaji's birthday on this day, was Jesus really God's sun, did the Ramayan really take place...

The distortion theme works well... like Chaos Theory applied to history you know... a Butterfly efectish movie called the noise of time or something.

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