You know you are spending too much time away from home when:

1) You wake up and feel disoriented after seeing your own room arond you

2) You dream of the familiarity of your own toilet

3) You feel a jolt of longing everytime a song in your winamp playlist plays anywhere else

4) Your bed is used as a spare cupboard - by the rest of the family

5) You have to google your bookmarks all over again

6) Home cooked food tastes exotic and delicious

7) You take wrong turns to the loo in the middle of the night

8) You forget where the switches for the fans/lights are

9) Being able to do all those things you do when you are alone in the room

10) You start missing, longing for, and realising the importance of things you never even noticed before... like the particular comfort of your favorite rug, the arrangement of your PC, the size and shape of your television, and the joy of not seeing someone else struggling with the keys...


funny one man

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the ad project is draining me out