Friday, September 22, 2006

MY incoherent contributions to the eternal debate

read long argument below or answer the question rephrased in this manner: "does the chicken create another chicken through an egg, or does an egg create another egg through a chicken?"

{long argument|and to those who conclusively say that the egg came before the chicken as the chicken was hatched from an egg and only then was a chicken and before that they were all chicken in the making, not evolved chicken... then the question is, did the chicken-egg come first or the chicken. That is evolution is not such a sudden one step process... there would be at least a thousand generations of transitions before a chicken and a near chicken ancestor could be differentiated. In fact, the chicken of our own forefathers are not the chicken of today. If your argument is to be followed, then it goes to prove that chicken don't hatch from eggs at all, its like egg=>chicken=>egg+1=>chicken+1. The thing is eggs have not evolved as much as the chicken... so what really came first is... ? The question would not make sense if it is asked like "what came first, the egg, or any organism that is born out of, and lays an egg?"]

two eggs came... one by getting its cock out and the other by getting its hen out... that is what I am trying to convey

If you are terming all chicken acestors as chicken, then the chicken came first, eggs evolved later in evolution as a modified form of the placenta to keep younger ones safe....

If at the end of the universe, some guy sits and counts all the chicken-eggs ever created and all the chicken ever created, then he would find that there have been more eggs than chicken (evolution: overproduction). After he would do this, if he would distrbute chicken and eggs evenly over time, since there would be more eggs, eggs would have come first. Therefore, statistically speaking, eggs came first.

Note: The accepted scientific answer is that eggs came first as chicken before that were not chicken but chicken ancestors.

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