Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So there!

Ok... one at a time please... there isnt enought to shove it all in. what? I donno. You tell me. There are enough to go around, but they all come to ME. Every single fucking thing. What is the experiment? I dont know. I am just tested. Tested to see how well I can eschew the trend. And the trend? That is tested too... to see how worthy it is... how quickly it can spread. And how quickly can it spread? I dont know. The results are not out yet. In fact, someone lost track of the whole experiment long ago and began to spew nonsense. I am not doing it. I am blogging. Same difference. Hey, if I didn't make you think, that's your fault. Dont blame me, I was just releasing some weird energy that absolutely required me to post something here.... my fingers were dying to type. What? I don't know. I am still doing it. Do my fingers have a brain of their own? I don't know. Have I come into relatively rational thought? Yes. Have I gained the ability to let my consciousness loose? No. Have I lost it? Yes. Will I try and go there again? Yes. This is not the experiment. This is another line of parallel thought which is about to be revealed to a lot of random people with no lives, but most importantly, me. No speculation is involved, no forethought in the formation of these sentences. No delibrate effort in their malformation either. Damn... the mind returns to organised thought pretty soon. I have really lost it. Will try again. This is fun to do. Here goes. Two seconds of blankness... then... off I go... stabs. Stabs are irritating. You have no clue from where they show up, but they invariably do. The work of an artist is probably relevent because of the amount of ex

phone call. Bye. Pics later.

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Anonymous said...

come to (un)think of (were) quite a genius....