A drama

Hey retro snazzy techno blipper. No don’t look up a slang dictionary. Just consider four apparently random words. Like “nitwik blubber oddment tweak.” Let us witness a drama unfold in front of us. Its form, will not be dramatic, but it will have sets. Let us construct it.
There are four luminous moons, all crescent, and all turned away from the focal point in the ceiling, the immediately recognizable light sources in the heavenly chandelier, which is a finely crocheted living microorganism, with silver veins that undulate to the strings of fate. Stars, galaxies and amoebas float around in the blackness, dancing with each other, in a constantly mutating metamorphosis of primordial mating. The top of the sets will have an LCD display of the night sky animated in this fashion. The moons shall cast light against the flicker of the floor.
The floor flickers with the lights of hell. A thousand industrial fires fuelled by the rotting blood of the dead lizard giants. God has banished them for their size and they have sought refuge under the ground. And from beneath the ground, they make the world go around. Burnt petroleum has condensed on the underside of the floor, forming oil slicks on which rainbows flicker. These are tormented, convoluted rainbows, not simple sky arcs. They form rings and vortexes and other patterns that the mind is not designed to define, let alone language.
Man slowly evolves from amoebas on one side of the stage. On the other side, Amoebas slowly devolve from men. And in the backdrop, is a peaceful beach, on the edge of a dark black sea, where a sun is slowly setting, as if choked to death by a storming sky.
And beneath the four spotlights, at center stage are incestuous siblings playing chess.
Allegory and Irony. Their genders are unclear, and so is their relationship with each other. It is unknown if they share blood from a common ancestor, or ones blood is fuelling the other, all that is known is that they have blood in common.
They are playing to win the earth, which is hovering in nothingness over the chessboard. God, is a madman, masked, and in a straitjacket. He is trying to get to the earth, but is slipping on the oil and falling down. He is constantly doing this and is looking pleadingly towards the devil for help. The devil, has already helped allegory and irony to reach a stalemate, and both are thinking for a way out. Together, and individually, just to let the game progress. The devil got distracted by the earth and is immersed in it. The devil is pleasured by the mischief on earth, and is happily masturbating away to it.
The sets are ready. If you want to witness the drama, stop reading.