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Scene 6
Shot like lost
Pupils dilating. Scared organisms are designed to machinate, (yes, one must use such degraded words) one of the two reactions to any give problematic situation. Fight or flight. You see it around you all the time. Look at people in problematic situations, and you will see them either crashing head on into the responsibilities of the problematic situation, or running away from the whole situation and looking back longingly into what you just ran away from, not knowing that you are running head on into the heart of another problematic situation that you are not looking at. So scared people keep bouncing between problematic situations, and the others are stuck in one problematic situation all their lives.

"Of course it's desperation," said Stanford University professor Stephen Schneider. "It's planetary methadone for our planetary heroin addiction. It does come out of the pessimism of any realist that says this planet can't be trusted to do the right thing."

Take Im a creep, Im a weirdo yellow from tomorrow

Make sets, then do pelvic thrust dancing sequence of different dance moves

Lab coat scientist thingy. Scientist inserts hypodermic needle into the world and the audience.

The worlds point of view - even when the world sees the reflection, it comes to know what it is. The hypodermic needle is inserted into the world from first person perspective.

Bryce animation - the world is looking at random stars, then coughs out

Opening credits partially inspired by Monty Python

Bryce animation of the sequence

Earth turning round and round in empty space. It is crying. It coughs, spits out a piece of glass, which floats away reflecting the earth... the glass slowly dissolves resolving into a real reflection, and dissappears. Hic Cough when the other real earth is spotted. It slowly dissappears... sobbing then crying as the universe turns round and round, stopping at the doctor, who injects the syringe into the thing, after saying gullu gully gibberish, and saying munna, don't worry, this is the vaccine, and injects it, while hand slowly reaches to the camera.

its a bit tight around here

Exactly, but don't forget, one of my shoulders is shorter

Good Morning Friends

We were forced to withdraw here

Here we have tactically withdrawn from the Americans

because the enemy is crawling into a trap

Record searching and making of the cards.

Hindi Lyrics:
Hawa hawaii

Awi wiwi wiwi wiwi

Hawa hawaii

Awi wiwi wiwi wi
Chee ho ho honolulu lu lu lu lu, honolulu
Hing bekei Hong Kong, King Kong
I seenoosi, yusiloosi, hassi tosi, lassi pissi
Mombaasa, ping pong
Oye oye oye oye oye oye
(Aka chiki laaki chiki chiki laaki chu
Aka chiki laaki chiki chiki laaki chiki chu) - 2

The credits of this movie are partially inspired by the credits of Monty Python

The majestik møøse, shal however, be mentioned only this once.

We will not restrict ourselves from other gibberish

Here is an example:

comic strip

General Society- like general militiristic- hitler

Mass Media - Huutch dog with bulldozer jaw

Dr. Mogambo-gibberish inventor, hero - mad scientist with pirate mask

show camera in pelvic perspective
show 4 fantasy shots
show ending sequences if possible
check old foorage for unsused footage

Move to for actors for the other sequences

make sequence of theatrical makeup of man woioing a girl against music

Dr Mogambo

Ne m,am croes amd wjos[ers stro[rpeaser

He man cries and whispers striptease

The Indian atomistic position, like many movements in Indian Philosophy and Mathematics, starts with an argument from Linguistics.

You know what happened once?

Why? What happened?

God said "let there be light".


Then... he said "oops"

Compare movies to Jurrasic Park dinosaurs
eg: Neorealism - raptors

Mirror Trick

monitor paint trick

Both bluescreening

Ppt xplaining all movies