Unanswerable questions

Each individual on the planet has created for himself (sorry feminists. please campaign for an androgynous pronoun). an aura of thought around the phrase “unanswered questions.” This aura ranges from extreme indifference to extreme paranoia. with a lot of things in between. The aura. or the approach of the individual to such questions. however. remains static. and hardly changes over time. mostly because the questions remain unanswered. Maybe it is time that mankind moved away from “why did the chicken cross the road?” and “Does God exist?” and asked different kinds of unanswered questions. ones that are more relevant. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Why didn’t Freud commit suicide?

2) Was Madonna’s childhood ambition to live up to her name?

3) Are you a “lost” character?

4) Who has culturally benefited by history?

5) Does the syntax of language premeditate what gets communicated?

6) Are all climaxes achieved by a paradoxical mingling of stark opposites?

7) Is the interest in the production of cinema an effort by the audiences to keep the author alive?

8) To what degree is the inertia of tradition detrimental to progress?

9) Does interaction disprove the idea of a relativistic world?

10) Why is it assumed that a rose by any other name would still be a rose, when it is obvious that it wouldn’t be a rose?

11) If Shakespeare could weave poetry using the word “cabbage”, why didn’t he?

12) If you have a dream where you are winged, can you control your flight? To what extent? How? Would you want to?

13) How many questions did the reader expect to be the standard here, and why?

14) All of science is based on numbers, which have no concrete existence of their own, yet why do some of us choose to trust totally different things that have no concrete existence of their own?

15) Should our beliefs be molded by convention? Is it too late by the time we think we can make a choice?

16) Why is self pity comforting?

17) What is the primal hypnotism that music wields on our souls that make us forget everything else?

18) Can you define a figurative fire?

19) Do you really have guts?

20) Aren’t feminists socially conditioned?

21) What could Oscar Wilde do if he were to be in the advertising industry?

22) Why is it possible to interpret everything as competition?

23) Who cares?

*contains characters that are not valid in the location they are found.