Let there be light

Light is beautiful. Light is omnipresent. To satisfy the scientifically oriented, light is a shower of photons. To be absolutely correct, light is merely electromagnetism. Light can be identified, quantified, isolated, created, converted, and otherwise scientifically studied in various lights. Light is symbolic and magical even to a scientist. It symbolizes an answer to everything. It is magical because it cannot be identified, quantified, isolated, created, converted and otherwise scientifically studied, as commonly thought. You cannot find out the position and velocity of a single photon at any given point of time. You can have its position, or you can have its velocity, never both. You cannot figure out exactly how light manages to be a wave and a particle at the same time. Light manages to perplex people in a classroom experiment that almost everyone has conducted in one form or another. If not, you can conduct it right now. Release light through two pinholes and from nowhere else, and you will see an interface pattern. Different bands of shade and light. This will happen even if you allow only one photon out to choose between the two bands. Physically, as in absolute reality, any that you or me is willing to comprehend and share, in like normal, “real” world, in a world that any two physicists are willing to comprehend and share, the fucking photon actually chooses to go through both and neither at the same time. If you are lost, confused, or otherwise mentally troubled, rest assured that the same thing is haunting, devouring and draining the life off a physicist somewhere. All that physicists ever do, all that their work amounts to, is finding the answer to exactly what you are thinking about now. Even someone not a physicist, would be mortally afraid of two things – quantum physics and general relativity. In a bridge, a connection or a common answer to questions raised by these two fields, is an answer to everything, even a physicist is willing to acknowledge.
But light is magical to us too… even we who shrug of science as being an impractical way to explain the world. Even we who run off from science and pledge our beliefs to history, and tradition, and religion. Therefore, across time, history, tradition and religion have managed to propagate pledges to light. Sources of light, concrete identifiable objects we can see without the need for them to reflect light off somewhere else, have all been embodied in our consciousness, signified in our cultures, and glorified in our psychosis. We are turned mad because of light.
Light consumes energy. How much energy it consumes is directly proportional to how much energy it releases. Take two crystals. Two diamonds in matrimony would do. Rub the crystals hard, together. They will disintegrate slowly inside. But they will produce a light. Set something afire, burn something, candles will release light, so will gas stoves, or naked skin drenched in kerosene. Petrol will burn too. Be careful around fire though. You can imitate lightning by having two small electrical points and send electricity to bridge it. Doing this for the first time took mankind 1800 years into god-fearing existence. Before that people lived in darkness despite burning things for light. The small blips of red and green and blue that you see in the technology around you is another type of source of light. They are diodes that emit photons. They are over used in comic robots and anything that is supposed to be technological. This light source haunts technology, and personified and signifies it, like look at the watch of invisibility in Mr. India, or Marvin in the movie, or an Aibo. It signifies eyes in robots, and human perception of light sources being eyes has probably nothing to do with the reflected light in cat and dog eyes. The neon light overused in places that encourage overactive night lives of men, are electroluminescent light. A physicist would have to call this electroluminescent electromagnetism, and not even be fucking amused by it. Then there is of course, nuclear light. Scientifically, all light is nuclear (yes, ironically, even to a physicist). But like there is a separate thing for normal nuclear light. To be precise, the scary type of nuclear we know, the nuclear bomb type nuclear. The “oh my god they can vaporize cities!” kind of nuclear we know. The “I will get cancer and my limbs will fall out” kind of nuclear we know. That kind of nuclear light exists in watches. It also exists in starlight. Hell, we want light, we have to look to the skies.
When the night sky is devoid of the moon, you clutch out in madness to that area of space where you think the moon ought to be. You are deprived of any degree of madness on that one night, and you cannot tolerate it. There is a tinge of velvet, a halo of sad, dead, old light around your hand, and you overlook it. Starlight cannot light anything up. Stars are so far away. Let’s not bring physics into this. Imagine your tiny hand. How much of the night sky it can shield from your eyes. How much of starlight it can hold in its open palm, and steal that much of starlight from your eyes. How many starwinks does it steal from you. Too many. Your hands are holding the combined light of more stars than even a physicist can count. Across time, and across space, so many stars have reached out to your hand. They have emitted small particles that have traveled more miles than all your lovers combined, just to experience the touch of your hand. And all they want in return is to light it up just a tiny bit. There, physics just made things more beautiful for you didn’t it? You are actually touching the remnants of nuclear fire in different stars. And the universe is beautiful. It is untouched and eternal. It is all encompassing and positively considerate. It lets you feel it, and sense it in so many ways. It allows you to hold starlight, and not even feel it. Your hands do not feel the weight of the light. It is appreciable now, that you are not an answered physicist. You do not care about light not being understood by science, it’s a good thing that it is so light, else you wouldn’t be able to hold it in your hand. Your hands are magical. They reflect the light of so many stars. And it is getting brighter. Yes, you noticed it, you look up to the sky again.
The moon has risen. You are surprised. It too, reflects the light of a star. Good thing the stars are so far away, imagine even ten of them as close as the sun. We would be a darkness worshipping race. You do go mad after all. The moonshine is laden with a magic so obvious and powerful, that you realize that you no longer need the cataract of physics. You operate it from your pupils and look at the universe with an unscientific eye. The magic is clear now. It is even answered. You are content, and fulfilled, and need nothing more to worry about.
You cannot worry, or think, or believe. You are no longer paranoid or calm. You are no longer enculterated or acculturated. You are neither angel, nor demon, neither male, nor female, you are neither hero nor god, you are neither parasite or organism, you are neither slave nor master, neither fuel nor fire, neither dearth nor desire, neither and or xor, neither author nor reader, neither or nothing. You are like totally captivatingly absurdly absolutely human, and you do not find the words to deny this. You are a human in the light, in some form or another, and you do not find the words to deny this either. You can see the magic in all the light, and you contemplate the ultimate origin of light. You remember, it was God’s idea. It was a good one, but God put too much effort into it. He said “let there be light” and was surprised when he himself burst forth into the cosmos.

A figurative light bulb just got screwed into a psychological socket. Reach out for the switch.

Darkness is beautiful. Darkness is omnipresent. To satisfy the scientifically oriented, Darkness is an absolute lack of photons. To be absolutely correct, darkness is merely a lack of electromagnetic activity. Darkness is symbolic and magical even to a scientist. It symbolizes everything that is not understood about the universe. Some scientists came up with a very interesting theory. It was that the universe is made of light, and there are darkness emitters that “suck” up the electromagnetism from their surroundings. You have believing in light emitters all your life, so this must be difficult for you to comprehend. But since you are not a physicist, the switch here must be far simpler to make right? Take a leap of faith. Jump into a negative world. That’s it, there you go. You can imagine everything in negative right. Then flip it over in a different way, just think of an inverse to normal light. Yeah baby, you just understood the concept of darkness emitters. Its like the leaves of the tree suck up the light on the ground. You turn into a darkness emitter every night. That just made the idea cooler right?
God was not stupid. God was clever. He had the idea to make light and stuff. He saw his own folly before it happened. In that fraction of an eternity, he designed for him self a fail safe way out of the whole mess. He created an entity to control the light. He saved aside a part of himself to rescue him. The creation was named Lucifer. He was the light that should have been in the darkness that engulfs our cosmos. He was that part of God that had decided not to participate in the existance of the cosmos. The cosmos has lost a lot of light because of Lucifer. Lucifer observed the cosmos. It was a very interesting thing. It was beautiful and mesmerizing. It was entertaining. He didn’t interfere with it, didn’t do what he was supposed to do, he let it unfold, to break free and to evolve. He kept looking at it, fed by its display, and totally forgot to contain it. And God was trapped. And senseless. And bound within his own power. And god started pulling himself together. Slowly and surely. The latest step towards this end is the evolution of self aware humans. Humans have a responsibility. To leave behind, at their deaths, better history, traditions and culture. Else mankind will fall to the physicists, and the devil will continue to watch the satire.
If you do happen to be, afterall, a physicist, or a scientifically oriented creature, then, well, you know everything, and you live in a universe where the devil too, jumped into the creation, abandoning his duties. He fired everything up, and it was called hell.