For the neutral human beings, feminists believe that porno does not depict women as having equal participation, and therefore it is not artistic. For feminists, thank you, pornography couldn’t exist without people like you. For people who do not find pornography artistic, you are genderless.
It would be necessary to refer to the reader as a bitch. It is also, unfortunately, absolutely interesting. You don’t know what anything means bitch. You are confused, easily offended, and speed has plagued into your filthy little incasted brains. You want everything to be done really fast and be over with it. You live in a world where everyone is rushing from one thing to the rest, and you enjoy the exhilaration of passing through life doing everything faster than you bodies and souls think they should be done. You ignore them and push yourself on, there is an unnecessary speed in your interactions, in your travel, in your reading, writing, speaking, thinking, vomiting out action after reaction, speed in your fucking faith, speed in your fate, in time, internet, everywhere. You have a craving, an insane urge, an addiction, a basic, postmodern, urban, primal need for speed. You are a sensation whore, a bitch.
You need to be deconstructed, analyzed, post mortemed, and gang raped by psychoanalysts. You need to be abused, and have strong language used against you. Because strong language is the only way to get through to your over protected cunts. You need to have things proven to you, to be laid out, everything is put into you, spoon fed if you will, it will help you make a flash decision. Sometimes you even resent the choices, you want a simple life really, with nothing much to do a-k-a no choices to be made. You have thought about that idealistic world that the world around you could have been. You have formulated perfectly wonderful ways to put it into action. The only thing that is stopping you is the urge to make easy choices. It is easier to go according to what other’s say. It is easy to get waylaid by words, by the media, by language and by people. It is easy to set your life in a routine. It is easy to find your station in life, because you believe in fate and that you are meant to find it anyway. Those who conceive of the idea of fate, make it absolutely foolproof, by generalizing all people’s deaths, no matter how improbable they are, to happen at the will of fate. So no matter how irrespective of your belief in fate is to what eventually happens to you, the word can still be used on you for whatever you have done, by others. More people believe in fate than not. Fate exists, and it governs you despite you not accepting its authority. That is fucking democracy for you. Majority fucking rules. Fuck off bitch, you are a cheat too.
You are a bitch who is into bondage at that. You like to be chained to and whipped by your own generalizations. May these generalizations be shoved up your stinking wide asshole. Let the same generalizations rebound on you, and mirror your own bondage, from inside the think pot.
Let’s go right ahead and prove things. Not just say them you know, prove them. Hard and fast, break all the things you have been taught, and appeal to what is left of you. The effect that these words have so far had on you, are all due to your previous experiences with the words. All the chronicler has done is put them in a particular context, keeping the syntax the same. The words “previous experiences” will mean drastically different things in a teenage discussion. Let the chronicler be very precise and destroy the alternate illusions of these words. Let everything mean just one thing. Even in retrospective.
To the neutral(= Genderless) reader, it is trying to be proved here that you deal with teen issues all your life. It is necessary to make you understand what follows, therefore it is necessary to rip off your gender(ie. The kind society constructs around you) from you. Your gender is something independent of your sex, which is an expression of your sex chromosome. See how polite sex is in context, and how impolite in the unfortunately general society?
You know what, fuck general society. Figured out a better way to explain concepts. Apparently unconnected words will be used where necessary, the area of intersection of the two auras around the word will be the intended meaning. Its just me (reader) and you (author killer) here, and let’s seriously (seriously) get going towards the attempt (=essay). Rock and roll and cola wars. I cannot take it any more. We (teenagers) didn’t start the fucking fire. If you are a teenager, you have issues, man. Irrespective of your sex or gender, you are the dude, man. I know of all the games you play, and I’m gonna find a way to let you know that… But you are there, kids younger than you aspire to be you, and people older than you might ridicule you, not take you seriously, or otherwise psychologically abuse you. They won’t let you verbally abuse, for example. Nevertheless, they would still keep talking about how they behaved in your age, and that is where you can have them. They wish they were your age. And you, have issues. You are confused between whether you want to be older or younger. You don’t have a clear choice in that. You sometimes behave like a kid, and sometimes like someone far wiser than any “matured” person around. You are a veritable schizophrenic, man. Society has induced this schizophrenia in you. And this is not only about your age, it extends to everything beyond just age, you have choices everywhere, choices in what clothes you wear, choices in what sensations you indulge in, choices in what kind of a morality base you will have, choices in your food habits, in your preference of colors, in your species of entertainment, in your sexual orientation, in your gender, in your lifestyle, in your very career. You will end up the schizophrenia by choosing to be one person when you grow up to be. It is my humble opinion that people elder to teens face all the problems in their lives because of choices they made in the days of their teens.
Oh that just works out great man, not only do you have to bear the burden of society’s jealousy, you have to bear the burden of their blames as well. Of corrupting those younger than you, and of being impolite to those elder to you. Well, for non teenagers, fuck you bastards, teens are most likely to develop the particular kind of social conditioning necessary to bear the kind of language used in this essay(=attempt), and if it is anybody’s fault, it is yours. And to feminists, news flash: Our parents never asked us to prefer big dicks and big boobs. That’s just individual decision, right?
Well, here is some fucking scientific beliefs for the neutral(average) reader, big dicks are more likely to impregnate, and therefore, mankind will evolve progressively larger dicks. Big butts are conducive to childbirth, so the assjobs on internet porn with progressively become more and more pleasing. Evolutionists, please explain to the general(average) zombies, the existence of silicon implants. Did God give it unto us? No man, small cunts are individual decisions. Teenagers are resilient creatures. They are immune to shock. They derive pleasure in the very sensations that scares and intrigues every other segment of society. If society is fast, they are faster. If society is degraded, they are particularly so. If society is immature, oh man, just take(do) a teenager. There is nothing as ripe(immature) as a teenager. Internet porn, would be a universally understandable example of this.
Phew man! Time to lighten up man… time to go for a fag or something. Time to relax. Time to force yourself to take life slowly. Time to slow down and contemplate something simple and sweet. How simple and sweet the commonly assumed central issue of average(defining) teenage subsistence is. One of the most important choices to be made in life. Society demands a matrimony. And like all the things that society has thrown around the people, trapping them in the syntax of existence, of the exchange of human needs, is the evil condition of marriage being necessary for procreation. They made a masquerade, a show, a grand celebration of a marriage, an announcement and sanction for an activity most sacred (instinctive) in human needs. Please note man, a couple in matrimony is as cool as a couple not in matrimony, the author is just discussing opinions on the actual ceremonies of “marriage” here, significantly differing from “matrimony”.
Fuck that marriage shit man, teenagers shove notions about it aside, and put a mental block to it, so it is unwise to talk about marriage in a negative or positive light. Marriage thoughts should happen only in the darkness. Do not deny the cheap thrill that you just got. You man, share the thrill with me right now.
You understand me, I understand you, nothing more is to be explained about the syntax of this communication anymore. I’ll actually go take that fag now. One of the best things you can do to lighten up is to watch pogo. A bunch of kids will prove that they want to be teenagers when they are interviewed. That’s pogo’s strategy to sell itself to everyone. I love pogo.
The one single issue predominantly occupying teenage existence is the idea of courtship. It is difficult to be honest and promiscuous at the same time, but that somehow has to be achieved. The absurdity of knowing the truth is that you cannot use it. Truth is so universal that it tends to cancel itself out. Like infinity or zero tend to be abused to cancel themselves in complicated board exam trigno problems. Imagine you are given a trigno problem. It is pretty easy actually, all you have to do is identify triangles. That is recognize them. Find three points that appear to have a line between them. Do this in the dodecahedral cosmos that is used to encage you. Find weakest point. Escape.