You have no idea.

I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something.


A simplistic way to look at the world would be to get cynical. The world, is undergoing a decay. Humans, are slowly getting lethargic about the whole “life” idea, and a slow madness is creeping through everyone. Humans perceived a world going complicated around them, but they were too egoistical to admit that they were simplistic, and therefore, they got cynical as a surrogate for being simplistic. But being cynical has complicated the whole problem. It is easy to be aware of and suspicious of of the world around you. Let us be simplistic, by defining the ideas of words, so as to avoid a misinterpretation. The “world” around you here represents all the components of a flow of information before it reaches you. The world, is to you, a provider of information, and generically speaking, there are two components to the world, one is the media and the other is the friend list on your social networking website. Basically the mass media and the people you are in contact with, (mental, sexual, spiritual, physical or actual). That is a lot of things to be suspicious of… makes you pretty much need to be cynical. Let us get cynical now. Cynical is merely the expression of suspicion where it was not relevant. But that’s fine, its better to be safe than sorry. Be cynical. Cynical of the guy next to you in the train who might flick your wallet, cynical of the guy next to you in the train who might be carrying a bomb, cynical of the guy next to you in the train who might demand you to show you your ticket, cynical of the guy next to you in the train who might talk displeasingly about politics, cynical of the guy next to you in the train who has more money in his shirt pocket than you earn in a month, and cynical of the guy next to you in the train who wants to spit out what he is chewing, and cynical of the guy next to you in the train who is likely to scribble bits of his love life over the windows, as a legacy of his presence in the train. And this is being cynical only on a train ride… imagine all the other places you frequent. You will end up being cynical of every single advice (defined as made up of suggestion, command and request in different degrees) that the world gives you. Because being cynical keeps things simple. You hate humanity, you resent the existence of every other person on the planet, you are someone not in need of society, and you exist all by yourself hoping to be independent of any kind of social, political or impractical pressures. You are a bastard (defined as an outcast) and you know it, and hell, you are even fucking proud of it. You positively celebrate your own attitude problem. You take sadistic pleasure in inflicting the society, psychologically, pointing out phantom problems just to make them cynical. Its just your way of advising the world. Because you are cynical.
What kind of damnation are you? You are an undiagnosed malady. You are an abomination and a joke. You are a tumor, and a vile invader of civilization. You are so done for, that you need allegorical references just to insult and describe you. You are that final scratch on the CD that renders it useless. You are a technicality and a line of fine print. You are as selfish as it is possible for oil to make you. You are as radical as a desperate housewife. You are the ship of the desert and the horn of the devil. You are the center of the wide cosmos, and you are whore at the core of the universe. You are a person who likes aliens. You have cast out everyone from your home planet, and made yourself independent, and unique, and recognizably singular. And you are proud of your own degradation, unashamed to be associated with it. You are cool man, you are just a cynical bastard, and there, now you are gratified.
What you need is advise. You get a lot of advice right, so you are cynical about that. It is the world’s fault really, none of yours, that they are cynical. They think that everything that you do is calculated, and therefore, they judge your intentions. So you pretend these intentions are true and get away with it. That makes you and them cynical. Hate the word don’t you. Cannot stand the word “cynical” can you… its irritating isn’t it, the way it rings in the head, “cynical”. The word “cynical” shall from now on not be used because it is unpleasant. There is a reason why you hate the c-word. It is because you are the c-word. It is an open secret that it is impossible to hate something that is not mirroring you in some way. Therefore, everything you hate is merely an aspect of your own design of the world around you. You c-word (hater).
Fellow media persons, understand, that some of the people have opted to stay out of the media. Being in the media industry, you have probably spent a considerably number of time complaining about the falling standards due to overpopulation of people with degraded intellects. So you know that it took effort on the sides of the people not in the media industry, to stay out. You serve them. You hide your manipulations from them, or attempt to, but you still serve them. You are their servants, and please treat them with a little respects. They are not objects of your exploitation. They respect their own personal space, and expect the media not to invade into those areas. Therefore, the media should not try to package any advice, but give it straight. In a simplistic, and not a c****** manner. Here, is a mild suggestion, with absolutely no degree of command or request.
It is a piece of advice that a lot of people have given you. You just have not understood it. “Be yourself”. Who understands things like that? They believe you are a static mentality, incapable of psychological movement, incapacitated against growth because of the social conditioning. “Being yourself” is a nice vortex to fall into. You end up “being yourself” in ways that are likely to benefit you under different circumstances, and you hit upon a logical formula for schizophrenia – because there are too many “yourselves” that you can be, and you have never really figured out what you really are. In fact, you probably never really figured out what “being yourself” means.
Lighten up. Ignore the world. As in let the world ignore you, like you don’t try to manipulate it in any way. Do not have an agenda. Have no clue what you are going to do next, think without speaking, speak without thinking, and exercise control over nothing, including yourself. Don’t become loose and incoherent and a rambling non entity, but be a lively, spirituated, human, who infinitely (yes, that is necessary) respects others irrespective of how much you respect yourself. You will become a realization and an experience. Even if you are not a great person deep down, your genuineness will make people less intimidated of you. It will make you more approachable. You will be the death of cynicism, a celebrated centre of the universe’s affection; you will end up just like Gandhi did – as a statue – which most people would consider a good thing actually.
Confused? That’s good. The convolutions were necessary for extracting it out of you. You were not deprived of food, water or shelter. What fundamental need that you have been deprived of, is the contact with other people, whether it be mental, sexual, spiritual, physical or actual. It is the collective delusion and paranoia of the world – the media they have built, because of its exploitative and invasive nature, has made everyone afraid of everyone else who is different from them, and has made everyone hate people who are not.
Imagine a meme river, a set of ideologies, resulting in the composition of the souls that humans have. The memes are the ideas that create your souls, and your philosophies are the philosophies of a thousand ancestral ideas, creating races of a varied kind amongst humans. This is the kind of racism invading the world. What you get is a Crash.


chyrag said…
um... I liked you better when you were kicking god's ass.
I don't think anyone understands whatever the fuck you're talking about.
Or maybe I'm just stupid.
Either way...