This morning

Its just before five in the morning. I am going home from a friend's place. I had to walk along the footpath of a lake to get to the railway station. A police van was slowly crawling the stretch of the lake, god knows what they were looking for. They pass me by, I am not suspicious to them, and I do not resent it. The next thing I see apart from a couple of dogs is a teenager escorting his drunk father home (probably). I feel a rush of righteousness, and feel like consoling the kid. Then I get ashamed and mind my own business, and walk on to the tapri near Thane Station that is almost always open. The following happened while smoking and drinking a bottle of thums up.
The thing is, there is a bitch that roams around here with one puppy. There is something terribly sad about a bitch with just one puppy. It might be difficult to understand, but all those nipples and just one place for the milk to go, is a sad thing. The puppy in question, was not being played with by a boy, who was throwing it at a slightly older puppy, of another mother I think. What happened next was both terribly sad and terribly funny. Each sentance of the interaction between these two boys was loaded with perspectives kids get of our society. Convo in hindi, don't remember exact words, but here is an approximation?:
Kid 1: "Kyon kutton ke beech me ladayi karva rahe ho?" (Why are you making the two puppies fight?)
Kid 2: "Khel raha hoon" (just playing with them)
Kid 1: "Kaunse standard me padte ho?" (which year are you in?)
Kid 2: pulls the tail of the younger puppy
Kid 1: "Ki school hi nahi jaate ho?" (or do you not go to school at all?)

That is all.