A Magic ball of life, of light, in the centre of a circle of light. A circle of light with many con-centric circles outside it… emanating it, causing them to be, setting each as an example,a precedent, a template, for a multiplefold explosion, if circles and orbs and spheres of light. It is that fire, not that mere physical fire that you see, but the very origin of that idea of fire in your head, yes, that idea of it that burns within your head, that arouses you into action, that kindles a feverish fervor, that evokes a furious force, that enkindles your very soul, yes it is that fire that you must think of… everything that you are should contribute to its conception, let all your ideas of fire flow through you into its very definition… yes, now, imagine every idea that is you is combusted and consumed by the fire, you follow into it to, you immolate yourself to the very idea of fire, and you break out, free, you are the opposition, you are everything that fire is not, you are water, and yet you use your own opposition, fire can flow too, faster, in a more fiery frenzy, the fire is everything, and everything is afire, your sub consciousness and your reality, your alpha and your omega, your id and ego all combine into that furious force that is flowing out in a frenzied rush of pure adrenaline. Yes, you are giving birth already, to the idea, an entity of the very air, for fire is within the air, and within the water also for it is the fire within the water that makes the hot flames emanate from a touch of ice, even the snow, is a powerful pyre, smoking guiltily of the dead dragon empire. The idea of fire is a being of real blood a blood made up of a rushing stream of other ideas; the idea has come into being. What is it? What is this fire? What is this explosion of? Of words? Of essays? Of art? Of language? Of mathematics? Of fertilizations? Of time? Of fate? Of souls? Of colors? Of physics? Of Misc (as in Miscellany)? Of metaphors, ironies, sarcasms and climaxes? Of the cosmos itself?

The paragraph that you happened to read one line ago, was just one of the ideas that contributed to your perception of the big bang. And you see, that exactly is the problem here. Every word here is not really a word, it is just a representation, a representation of a unique idea complex that you happen to have built over a long period of more than four lines ago. But words are a very petty medium really. Imagine, you typing out a series of words, hoping to convey something, ends up doing something totally different. Simple phrases like “I like that fire in your eyes” can have a lot of meanings, and that particular feeling that you want to convey is almost never really conveyed. Not a big problem really, big deal man, so there is no such thing as eloquence, like are you going to shut up and remain silent just because of that? No you have to be careful, aware, aware of what slight tinge of meaning might do to the reader. Yes, you have to be smarter than they are, you have to use the strange averages in the idea complexes to assault them where they are weakest… you should appear to be a friend and deceive them. You should forget who you are and become everything that others around you expect you to be, you should immerse yourself in the meme pool, you should not become a contributor, you should spread yourself out and be aware of everything around you. Absorb the metaphors, the ironies, the sarcasms and the climaxes around you. You are getting the idea, now right?

Yes, then do it, exercise it, put it into motion, meander it, and rape it, and understand it, understand that it is still not eloquence… eloquence still ceases to exist, you cannot express any more by being a non-participant in the idea complex building game of life, no, let not the idea of “eloquence” be altered or screened… let it be pure and whole, let it be therefore, plain and simple… let it be within the idea driving an effort of eloquence, rather than the eloquence itself.
Ignore the specific and purposeful influence of subtle mechanisms in the ideas.
Forget every conditioning, you do not climax after every paragraph, get past your protection, inseminate the idea, the idea that is emanating from you, the idea that is your product, the idea that that is everything, that the author wants to convey, you flow from one end to the other, and in that other end, lies a nugget, of pure information, of reality, of truth, an understanding of everything that is not you, for you have drawn yourself out of the system, you have nothing to do with this alien idea, because you have no contribution to it, and it that recognition alone, lies the test of the eloquence of the author. What is the hurry of the reader to climax so fast? The author and the reader are boring each other now. Please, take a moment to understand what exactly is going on here. A point is trying to be made. It is suggested, that you put aside all preconceived notions of every single idea that you have ever had and look at every single idea in its own light, independent of the others, and then, what it means in interrelation to others, and only then, can you then comprehend, and not merely understand, how you can be eloquent. And there, reader, is your climax.

It is now achieved. Eloquence has just come, it has and invaded your psyche, penetrated your thoughts, and has made you climax also. Hell, it made you fucking pregnant, and even gave birth to a new notion. For Eloquence itself, has come to mean a dark power, an art of misdirection, a scar on society, the very point that is trying to be made. Do not fall to the subconscious control of the society. Do not play their mind games with them. Spread out, understand them, but do not participate. Isolate yourself really, wear your party hat, take out the yellow sunglasses, and sit back for a bout of pure entertainment. It becomes funny, to trace the patterns and the symbols. You are now aware, of what is influencing you. You have directions to overcome the control. You have many choices to make. You are there. At the point where you understand and finally comprehend, metaphors, ironies, sarcasms and fucking climaxes.