i Love Hutch

Will be pretty funny and confusing for people who know my vendetta against them. What happened was that I finally found out that it was in fact my fault. They calle dup to verify my address, and the phone wasnt at me at that time, which is why the whole thing ensued. Basically a lot of anger directed towards a perfectly capable network service provider with absolutely stupid people working at the call centers. After eighteen calls, a total of two hours and twenty minutes on hold (I counted, for legal reasons, which are no longer necessary), some guy told me the exact date and time when I recieved messages saying my line would be cut. So now I have a working phone. The dealer forcing me to go postpaid was mostly working for his own benefit, without specefic directions from hutch, as far as I know, so I cannot blame the delay in the return of my number to them. Ah well. The harvesting e-mails id backfired, I did visit profiles of hutch employees on orkut, but the only person I told the whole thing to turned out to be an ex employee, and all the others are pretty nice conversationalists actually, apparently browsing through people's profiles on orkut makes them want to scrap you up, so my friend list on orkut got a small spike.

I have no problems now... everything is fine and healthy mostly. So I will just declare my love for hutch and shut up about the bitching, their only real fault is the long wait at the hutch shops, which I am, at the moment, willing to forgive. Pretty anticlimatic ending, but there it is.