Dakshinayanam 2005-2006: Remote Control

Remote control

Recognize Paradox to celebrate Life

Ignore Paradox to celebrate Humanity

Invent Paradox to celebrate Science

Celebrate Paradox to invent Religion

(Recognize life to celebrate paradox)

Torture Man to invent Nature

Torture Nature to invent Science

Torture Science to invent God

Torture God to invent Religion

(Tortured Men invent Gods)

Romance for the sake of Immortality

Progress for the sake of Intelligence

Like War for the sake of Peace

Art for the sake of Art

(Immortality for the sake of Romance)

Journey to exploit the Road

Think to exploit the Self

Wonder to exploit the Miracle

Pray… pray to exploit

(Like Bees exploiting the Flower)

Interpret as a matter of Choice

Accept as a matter of Choice

Rejoice as a matter of Choice

Recover as a matter of Choice

(Choice is a matter of Interpretation)