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Guy on orkut: What is likely to happen if all the electrons suddenly go on a strike and stops spinning around the neutrons ?


1) We would all realize that electrons also have the capacity to go on strikes, and that they have feelings as well

2) Policy decisions will be thought of by policy makers to make the electrons work in SHIFTs instead of going round and round all the time

3) There will be a liberation for neutrons movement, where neutrons will be allowed to do more and more work instead of just sitting in the middle, having all the weight, and making the electrons go round and round them

4) The said electrons will realise at this point of time that despite all the great ideas, no one is capable of acting on them because the entire universe is frozen - because things cannot change unless they move

5) The electrons and the rest of the universe will get caught in a stalemate, the universe does not move round and round without the electrons moving round and round, which means that both are stuck at the same place.

6) The electrons give in, bored of staying put for no reason, at least SOMETHING can happen if they go round and round

7) But then they realise they are blackmailed into going round and round by the rest of the universe, like everything else in the universe is blackmailed to go round and round, like one big machine

8) Which leads to them coming up with the idea of SOME of the electrons going round and round while the others stop

9) But all this ends up doing is give someone the idea of a very strange "what if question"

10) The question is what if you go on strike?