There is a substantial differences between b-grade films and hindi serials. No one has any idea what these might be. This is an example on a charachter in a serial that came up after a search of google. A professor, whose paper I am going to answer tomorrow, has suggested that I know at least one episode of a serial. Listening to her suggestions on previous instances of answering papers she has set me, has only gotten me terribly dissapointed. I am, however, against my better judgement, going through a few websites on hindi serials, and am bewildered about the difference between b-grade films and hindi serials. Take for example, this "Many actors have had weird and scary experiences while shooting on outdoor locales, late into the night but Rushali Arora who is on a killing spree as a possessed woman, will appear in 4 episodes for Lucky, has a totally different tale to tell.

She plays a simple, village girl who is possessed by an evil spirit, out to kill Lucky in the serial of the same name, for which she is required to wear a crumpled, wet dress, long hair and sport white ghostly eyes. Elaborating on the white eyes, Rushali explains, "I have to use white opaque contact lens that renders me totally blind. To remain with it for beyond half-an-hour is an ordeal and so I remove the lens if there is a break between the shots."

Rushali has acted in horror and thriller serials like Aahat earlier, where she has portrayed the character of vampire and ghost. "But then the get-up demanded sharp canine teeth and weird costumes," says the frazzled actor, further adding, "now I have not only to use opaque lens, the location is also somewhere in the woods, shot at night and my role demands me to live in a well. It's so scary."

There is water everywhere and she has to rise from the well with water around her. It's the director and the unit hands who guide her which way to look and how many steps to take in which direction. "Now I know what it is to be visibly challenged and I empathise with their lot," says a harrowed Rushali."

what bullshit? Go to the page by clicking on the title. You will see a picture of her there as well. That, is all.