A kick in your butt

Here is the problem: How do you dispose off a cigerette butt, completely, totally, and utterly in a confined enviornment, with nothing but a box of matches, that you are allowed to take out of the confined enviornment. Now imagine, you are in a confined enviornment, and you have to utterly destroy the butt, and your life depended upon it. The confined enviornment would collapse upon you, if you did not burn up the butt, within the next fifteen minutes. Simple enough really, put butt in matchbox, walk out. If you were indisposed to be less practical and more experimental, you would burn the paper of the butt, and swallow up the remaining fibre filter. Your family doctor once told you you needed more fibre. Your parents scolded you of your lack of fibre. But you don't have the fibre to listen to your own stray thoughts... swallowing the fibre would cause a lot of problems to your digestive system, making you having to go to the doctor, who will make you have more fibre, to make you go to him for his economic benefit. No, you should not listen to your doctor. But not following the fibre, would make the aforementioned parents question the origin of the fibre, leading to the cigerette in question, whose butt is lent to us for utter destroyal, and that, in turn, would lead us again, to the fibre that is questioned in you by your parents. The problem, centers around the disposal of the fibre. We need to do it. Completely, utterly. So you do the most rediculous thing ever, you break it into little bits, both sideways and crossways, until you have small specks of fibre. Only many of them are really strands... still connected to each other, trying to give evidence of their lack... so you tear it up even further, and blow your incriminating fibre into the air. You see, then you can exit the confined system.