Experiment Ap0iNagoad5

Q1) Comprehension. Read paragraph below and answer questions.

A Magic ball of life, of light, in the centre of a circle of light. A circle of light with many con-centric circles outside it… emanating it, causing them to be, setting each as an example,a precedent, a template, for a multiplefold explosion, if circles and orbs and spheres of light. It is that fire, not that mere physical fire that you see, but the very origin of that idea of fire in your head, yes, that idea of it that burns within your head, that arouses you into action, that kindles a feverish fervor, that evokes a furious force, that enkindles your very soul, yes it is that fire that you must think of… everything that you are should contribute to its conception, let all your ideas of fire flow through you into its very definition… yes, now, imagine every idea that is you is combusted and consumed by the fire, you follow into it to, you immolate yourself to the very idea of fire, and you break out, free, you are the opposition, you are everything that fire is not, you are water, and yet you use your own opposition, fire can flow too, faster, in a more fiery frenzy, the fire is everything, and everything is afire, your sub consciousness and your reality, your alpha and your omega, your id and ego all combine into that furious force that is flowing out in a frenzied rush of pure adrenaline. Yes, you are giving birth already, to the idea, an entity of the very air, for fire is within the air, and within the water also for it is the fire within the water that makes the hot flames emanate from a touch of ice, even the snow, is a powerful pyre, smoking guiltily of the dead dragon empire. The idea of fire is a being of real blood a blood made up of a rushing stream of other ideas; the idea has come into being. What is it? What is this fire? What is this explosion of? Of words? Of essays? Of art? Of language? Of mathematics? Of fertilizations? Of time? Of fate? Of souls? Of colors? Of physics? Of Misc (as in Miscellany)? Of metaphors, ironies, sarcasms and climaxes? Of the cosmos itself?

And there was the big bang. It all happened because the god and the devil were playing a game of poker. The god tried to explain to the devil that he had created the devil, the poker, and the cards, and that he therefore, would win. The devil said “fuck you, loser”. The god dealt the cards. The devil had nothing to put on the table, so he bet himself. The god, raised it by creating the cosmos and placing it on the table, and said “let there be a show”. The God, knowing he would win, revealed his five aces. The devil revealed his five jokers, and claimed the cosmos for himself.

Let it not be known that God lost. No, it would be a shame to believe that now wouldn’t it? God had, as everyone knows, created the devil and the poker and the table. Why was it easier to forget that, but remember that God created the whole universe? God had planned out the whole exercise, it was a part of the training of the Satan, that had just reached its conclusion. He told the devil “Look, you are finally ready, this has, obviously, been planned by me. Do not think you can control anything, I totally control you. And fuck you too, by the way. It is time now. You are done with your training. Let us play a game of poker again. I have an idea to make the game fair. A failsafe idea. I will not be the dealer of the cards. I will create another entity in this room, and it shall be peopled by three entities. She will listen to neither you nor me, and do whatever her wily will pleases. She will be fair to both of us, even us out, and keep us in equal opposition. She will be lady luck. And she will make sure that our game is fair.

And thus, lady luck was created, sitting in between the god and the devil, and looking at the universe in between them. And the cards were forgotten… god had really made her wily… she did whatever she wanted. The devil tried to seduce her, to win her over, to make her listen to him, and she appeared to be tempted. The god, being the self conscious, over confidant bastard that he is, tried to figure out exactly what was happen, and how he had planned all of this out. He was taken aback for a moment, lost in thought, wondering how come he had not seen this coming. And that was the weakness, luck exploited, the investigative thoughts of the god gone out of control, and the frenzied enticement of the devil gone out of control too… luck had made them go out of control with her very existence, and they were drawn to her, and she grabbed both of them, and entered the universe in a horrible orgy that is being played before our eyes. She encompassed the god and the devil within her, spiraled, and contorted, and twisted and turned, it was in her very character, and became a piercing arrow of pure energy, and she headed towards the docile shell that was the universe, kept on the table, and birthing the egg of the cosmos into a thing of life. And it was only then, that it finally happened. It was then, that the universe came into being. It is commonly known, as the big bang.

The paragraph that you happened to read one line ago, was just one of the ideas that contributed to your perception of the big bang. And you see, that exactly is the problem here. Every word here is not really a word, it is just a representation, a representation of a unique idea complex that you happen to have built over a long period of more than four lines ago. But words are a very petty medium really. Imagine, you typing out a series of words, hoping to convey something, ends up doing something totally different. Simple phrases like “I like that fire in your eyes” can have a lot of meanings, and that particular feeling that you want to convey is almost never really conveyed. Not a big problem really, big deal man, so there is no such thing as eloquence, like are you going to shut up and remain silent just because of that? {alternate kicks in} No, these tiny disturbances, changes in the ideas of what you want to convey, get distorted further and further as they go away from you… It is like everyone is stuck in a game of cyclic redundant Chinese whispers, and everyone ends up saying the same old bullshit, only it happens to be perceived as unique by people who are not aware that they are also saying the same old bullshit. So what happens is everyone keeps mirroring everything anyone else says, and point a finger at each other and say “Ha! You are wrong!” Imagine how chaotic a game of Chinese Whispers would be, if someone were to start the whole thing by saying “Ha! You were wrong!”

What if someone really was wrong? What if someone really made a mistake in that game… the mistake would be amplified, it would grow, it would expand, and eventually people might all end up saying “fuck you” or something like that, instead of saying “Ha! You were wrong.” And they would be under the impression that they both mean the same thing. Hey wait, here is the idea, applied to itself… if we find out everything that people were saying, over the ages, to mean the words “Ha! You were wrong”, you would end up with a perfectly detailed record of history, an entry that averages out all the influences on anybody who wants to say “Ha! You were wrong!” into a quantifiable, reproducible entity. From then on, it becomes an easy matter to extrapolate their belief systems, their needs, their desires, and their actions. It also becomes easy to extrapolate further information, like the social, cultural and geographical histories of all the chains of investigations, particularly identifying the ones that are co-related to each other. You culminate into understanding everything in the whole fucking universe, and that is when you take a step back and silently mutter the words “fuck you”.

a) Note down characteristics of image in the head immediately after reading the words “fuck you” at the end of the previous question.

b) Write differences between that picture and yourself.
c) Comprehend.

Q2) Write a short note on cyclic redundancy error. You may use google for the same.

Q3) Fool around on blogthings to keep your mind off all of this.