The sax

Lino Mesca was a pretty relaxed charachter. He had flaming red hair, crystal clear skin, always had his saxophone at his waist, and drove a bright red aerocar. Aerocars had become very popular at that part of the earth's timeline. Everyone were using one of those. There were rules and regulations, but underground garages offered fixes and machinations that allowed for the aerocars to travel faster and higher. These were illegal of course, but very hard to trace because of rampant teenage interest in the Soviet and American classified military technology. Those aware of such military technology, were rampantly interested in teenagers, and ended up divulging more and more details of the classified technology to these teenagers when they were indulging in activities that most people think only teenagers indulge in. They were under the impression that it would be merely educational, and that it wouldn't harm too many people. Teenagers all over the world, promptly started walking into local patent offices with classified technology that the people in the patent offices had no clue about. This made loads of teenagers really rich and loads of secret service people laid off their jobs - who promptly saught the refuge of the teenagers, and divulged more and more technology. Eventually, most of the technology was patented, and the teenagers happened to share their patents for mutual benefit and the world became a better place to live in. This made red, flashy aerocars easy to come by. But Lino had installed boosters that could take his aerocar into outer space. It was cutting edge technology, even in this paradisic world, and not too many people knew about it. Lino was on his way to pick up Rapso. Raspo was a guy with a bandana fetish, a goatee, and real baby ram stem cells implanted in his head. the horns that were implanted, grew over time, which was a very interesting thing to attach to your body. He thought it signified his philosophy of life. He had a very weird philosophy in life. He believed that every single person on the planet was mad. He believed that the path of self discovery lay in identifying that particular brand of psychosis that each individual was a victim of. The brand of psychosis he identified himself as being a victim of, was identifying the particulars of self discovery. He was therefore a victim of a cycle where his self discovery would lead to his psychosis, and that made him particularly brand conscious of the type of cigarette he smoked. The Raspo smoked cigarettes. His friends thought it was cool. His friend circle was not particularly accpeted by the society. They were considered antisocial elements. He was smoking a cigarette when Lino stopped the aerocar inches above his head. And Lino said "Hey, come right up, I have to take you to a very nice place" and Raspo said "Ok, drop me a bean" and Lino dropped him a bean and Raspo took out his water gun that he always kept handy and sprinkled it on the mud where the bean had fallen... and a beanstalk grew till the aerocar, and Raspo climbed in, and just like that, they blasted off into outer space.
Only, Raspo didn't know they were going to outer space. He always knew Lino was crazy, and what followed was a small, unconscious mind game. Lino didn't say a word because he was concenterating on the driving, and didn't want to show that he was excited about taking Raspo that high. Raspo didn't want to show that he was excited by the ride that Lino was giving him, and wanted to show that he was composed despite suddenly going much higher up than normal aerocars do. Lino knew why Raspo was staying silent, and didn't want to be the first to open his mouth, because that would mean that Raspo had outcooled him. Raspo understood that the both of them were stuck in a deadlock of silence, and desided to change the topic.
"You are an abomination - a hideous creature, you are a malady and a cancer. You do not deserve the force of life to be alive within you, because you are an insult to it. You must kill yourself for who you are. You have no clue who you are and what you are doing."
Lino didn't understand a word of what Raspo said, and thought that it originated from the frustration of Raspo losing the mind game. Lino found it fit to retort "hey, look over there, three o clock, that's where I am taking you".
Raspo knew he was defeated. He looked at it and was amazed. It was an orb. Hanging in space. He didn't know if it was made of plastic or metal, but he knew that this structure was never mentioned in any of the space stations that he was aware of. "What is it?" asked Raspo. "Decomissioned Chinese space station" said Lino "Its our party pad, I'll show you around to the guys. Really nice, really empty, and zero gravity. Sweet place to rave man.
They arrived at the landing dock. Raspo ran to the door and looked through the glass panels on one side. It was crazy. There were lazers and spotlights randomly lighting up different portions of the interiors of the party sphere, were people were gyrating to loud trace in zero gravity. Raspo looked at Lino. "Should I knock or something?" "No, you drop in the fee in that slot over there, the door slides open. the fee covers everything, but you need to decide which chemichals you want before you enter" Raspo walked over to the slot and put in a few coins. The psychadelicia color scale popped out. It was the standard one. He chose his combination of drugs, and the door opened. A man with a mask was standing there. He had what looked like a long cylindrical shock ring. He could see the pointed tip. It looked scary. As soon as Raspo tried to enter, the man stabbed his back with the apparatus he was holding. "ouch! what was that for?" The bouncer gave a very comforting smile. "Your chemichals."
Five minutes later, Raspo was lost in zero gravity, amongst an undulating mass of raving teenagers. A cigarette had flown past some time ago, he was searching for a lighter. He heard the trademark tune of his friend's saxohpone and looked around. He spotted Lino wave at him as he went past in a bounce train. They were a bunch of people who collectively propelled themself inwards as soon as they hit a side of the station. Lino threw him a lighter.
Raspo lit up his cigarette, thought for a moment, and decided that he needed an aerocar which would get into space. He realised, just as he was passing out, that his particular brand of psychosis had just evolved. He imagined a thousand evolving psychosi around him, and looked at all the small details that contributed to it, and decided that the world was as mad as he was. He was comforted that he was passing out.