The alarm rings!

The god and the devil, sat down in front of each other, and decided to play a game of poker. The god said, "I made you, I made the cards, and I made the poker, and therefore, I win". The devil said, "fuck you, loser". The god got angry and dealt the cards. The god looked at his cards. The god decided to move in big and scare the devil. Bang! He conceeded the cosmos to the table. The table was promptly consumed by the cosmos. The cosmos became the table on which the game was played. The devil looked at it. He did not know what to match the cosmos with. He had nothing to give to the table. He decided to give himself. The devil kept his soul on the table. The cosmos promptly ingested it in anger. The god was furious. The god gave the universe numbers. The devil threw in his heart. The god gave the universe chaos. The devil threw in his limbs. The god gave the universe inertia, and physics. The devil threw in his eyes, the god threw in the light, the devil threw in his ears, the god threw in the walkman, the devil threw in its nose, the god threw in pheromones, the devil gave up, and threw in his horns, the god threw in appropriate protection, the devil, leaped inside the cosmos himself, and the god threw in climaxes, and called out "Show!".

The devil uttered the words "remember, you called first" in what seemed like a weird loser's swearword. But it was an unfair game. God had made the game, and the cards, and the devil, and the cosmos. God had made everything. God had all the cards. and the god was overexcited. He had won... against things he had created... it was like the exhileration of winning a computer game, so he showed his cards before his wirthy opponant could. The cards were no surprise really, an impossibility, but there they were, five aces. Five aces. Who has ever heard of such a thing. But it happened, god had five aces.

But the devil did not have a reputation for no reason. No sireeee! He was one maniac, one bastard, one asshole, you will sympathise with god, dear friends, because the devil, happened to have five jokers.