That is a trailer to a film we made about a year ago. The film was never made, it was only the trailer, and that was an attempt of a friend to get into whistling woods. Consider the following information while the file gets downloaded... if you choose to watch it that is.

Today, I went to a call center interview for no reason whatsoever, mostly because the day was free for me. Now this is how it works... I didnt have a resume, so the company that was sending me made a resume for me, and emailed a copy to the company that was going to hire me, for a person there to print out. The first company was called Elixer, and the second company was called AJ consultants. Now people at Elixer take a couple of sim interviews, just to put me through the paces so that I get selected. They told me exactly which questions would come, and how I should handle them. They are pretty satisfied, and so am I. I then head over to the AJ consultancy place, and it is next to Meghraj theatre near Vashi station. I keep searching the area for an hour, cannot find it, and finally this girl looks out of the window and beckons me inside. I go through the paces, answer the questions asked, tackle the test questions, and finally, come down to a room full of slightly awed people for different reasons. I am a misfit in this world for various reasons. For one, everyone speaks a weird English. For another, they are all tense about the ongoings, I am not. And everyone is taking the whole affair seriously, I want to, but am unable to actually bring myself about to doing it because I dont know how to. The ice breaks because of the owner of AJ consultancy. Who, coincidentally enough, was in the above video. He is AJ.

Weird eh?

Cheers. caps if you arent going to watch the video now.