Notes retrieved By Jerry Merry. Plasma! A real Plasma! You should have got a bigger one then!

Great idea: recreate sets with layer of action and 1 bg layer of printouts. BLUE SCREEN IN BETWEEN, recreate sets on bryce.

Words uttered by mistake as a fallout of the great idea: "We should make a movie about all of this man!"

"Maybe one incident, but you cannot just make a bunch of incoherent scenes... there has to be some connection."

"You think?"

"Oh yes, you can make a connection, especially amidst two apparently unconnected things".

"Today, I was coming back from Sion, there was a film shoot going on. There were a lot of people on platforms three and four, all excited about the whole affair. I wanted to laugh at them, man, I thought, interest in the production of the movies has grown. I walked on. To my door. Then we hit a little more. I walked back to the station. Sat down with some man who asked me if there was a shooting going on. I said "yes", "on that platform". Then another man walked down with a bag. He kept the bag in the "neither of us venture here" space between me and the man sitting on the other side. He asked me "Is there a shooting going on over here?" Yes, the grammar was as bad in hindi as it was in English, so do not mock the translation. It anyway sums up what was needed to be said in your stupid head... language does not cause THAT much of a change in feelings now does it? "Yes, a movie shoot is going on".

The man promptly walks off to admire some curiosity and satisfy some inner perversion that he has. Again don't glare at the screen in disgust, you indulge in psychoanalysis too, don't you? You have nothing but what you think are people's thoughts, before you charachter sketch the individual don't you? All the poor man did was to be interested in a movie shoot. You have been interested in a movie shoot too. You have gotten excited over it too... and yet, you pretend as if you are here to critically analyse the overexcitedness, and you are not part of the gross vignette... you however, don't realise, that you are overexcited on two counts, one over the basic perversion going on, and two over the fact that you are over the basic perversion. You have no wisdom, man. You have the perversion - you invade into the person's charachter, with your own ideas about him... you might smile or shake your head on seeing someone being over excited about a movie shoot... you might utter a critisizm thinking you are not critisizing anyone in the immideate vicinity, you might demean either gender, you might redicule a certain race, you might inject random people with a strong dose of self-consciousness, aware of who they are, where they have come from, and exactly towards what your mocking glance mught be drawn to. That is not their weakness, their gender, or their race, that is their heritage that you are mocking, a veritable part of human history, all because you indulge in invasive analysis of charachter... because people believe that their charachters stem from their heritages, and yes, they might, and many are even proud of it, but remember, that you are stigmatized, and not them, because you will be stuck on the wrong side of the revolution. That is why being a guy is so tough in these days of rampant girlish feminism. Be neutral, do not disturb anyone, do not suggest anything, or proclaim anything as being true. Do not take up any responsibility or the rule less bonds of friendship. Be someone who is not a part of anything, and does not want to be a part of anything. Please exit the system, because you are making it every bit of what it is. If you cannot fucking leave the system, then, please, for heaven's sake, keep the integrity of your own charachter, and make sure, that you do not attempt to molest the intergiry of others.

"The Train Arriving on platform number.... " lost in my thoughts. There is a train approaching. Need to cross the tracks. Don't look at any men. Hide from them. Put down your face. Cross the tracks. Good, go up. The train is coming here, you realise that. You Get onto it. Its pretty empty. People are yelling something at you. You don't panic. You know something is wrong. You know something has happened, but you don't panic, because you know that you cannot listen to them, and they are not screaming at you. You know, all you need to do is stand there, next to the pole, and ignore the screaming. Also, ignore the people pointing at you, suggesting to go to the other side... weird you think. You fall to the requests of so many people. They are like your minions, chanting to you, and you are lookings down on them, they looking up in a weird twist of gravity that made me think I was floating in mid air. Well, I must please them, I thought, I went over to the otherside and understood that they were pointing at as the train started. They were excited about the fucking shoot. Ah well. So much for them. I shouldn't have listned to them. Banish, escape, leave, go, just a second I will be back... [ok, this is the notes of the actual blogger in the actual window in real reality ok, took a small break to check my e-mail for something, and ended up being distracted by orkut. We were in the part where the protagonist is talking to his friend about making movies or something like that]... banish, escape, leave, go, depart, issue forth, pass, exist. All you need to do is get into the train... no wait, you lost track, you are all ready in the train, then you need to go... go find a seat, you are at the seat, you go to sleep.

No. You awake! To an extravagant show! It is the musical debate between the dream and the reality. The winner will get the posession of your soul. Let us now listen to what they each have to argue about. Your soul, is the mate of the dream or the reality, and chooses which one to give in to, in matrimony. Feminists, please note, the genders you have constructed for the soul and the two contenders, has no origin in my suggestions. Boys pleas note, do not get excited, we are not going to invade into anyone's charachter, including our own. This is a hypothetical soul, (a terribly hypothetical thing because it is doubly so), and the two contenders for it, the dream and the reality, are both, terribly hypothetical, because they are both children of the hypothetical hypothetical soul. This short diversion was not an effort at comic relief, but to establish the pronouns for the three entities in the thought experiment. (consider i=2h) On one side is the Hid, and on the other side, is Hir, and both are contending for Hs.

Hid: I am but your projection. A mere child of yours. I do not seek to own you or master you. I seek to be your slave. Please grant me this right.

Hir: Do not heed the words of Hid! Hid is a nothing... this is a ploy to enslave you, hid is is trying to gain you by decieving you, hid is trying to hypnotize you into understanding hidself...

Hid: No I am not! This is not a half-hearted seduction! This is an opportunity, it is an opportunity for you to be free... to be unbound, to do exactly as you please, if you go to Hir, you will be stuck in the rules of Hir.

Hir: Do not listen to hids meaningless promises! Hid will let you be free, but that would be such a waste, no I would put you to good use, I would show you ways and means in which you can utilise yourself, in which you can actually be gratified by real changes you have done... you, Hs, will contribute strongly to the betterment of all the Hs around.

Hid: This betterment is necessary, Hs, because Hir is responsible for it. Hid will trap you in a vile and hideous system. A system so thirsty! So Chiral! So bloodthirsty! it is such a hircus... no, I shall protect you, and keep you from such things, and your protection will a projection of your own desires, and you shall be fullfilled.

Hir grabs the hand of Hs, and pulls Hs towards Hirself.

Hir: And I shall let you realise these desires! I shall fulfill you too. I own you, you belong to me, I shall see to your every move and action, I do this for your own sanity, I do this to keep you integral, to keep you whole and real, I do this so that the Hs that is you is intact and together, and does not float away into nothingness.

Hid: And what is wrong into floating away into nothingness? There is nothing, and then there is you... it is not that your essance disappears is there Hs? Everything that is you gets spread out, gets distributed, gets stretched across the entirity of space and time, you come to me, and you shall be much more than what Hir can make you.

Hs struggles. Hs mate is in Hid, but Hir is holding too strongly. Hs is struggling to break free. Hs sees that Hid is right. Hid is not even trying to save Hs. Hid is being polite. Hid is truly giving Hs freedom. Hid is allowing for Hs to make Hs own decisions. Hs makes one. Hs breaks free of Hir. Hs runs to Hid. They dissolve into each other in a tight embrace.

And thus, your soul itself, goes to sleep. End of the drama! Put on its requiem! Let's wake up! Let's grab a brush and put a little make up! Let's kill the rush of sweet poetry, let us see where we are... and fuck man, you will not believe this, I woke up at Vashi. Yes Vashi. It was just too weird... I see vaguely, that I am passing a bridge, but I ignore it... the water underneath is scary, so I just walk out, look at the sky passing by, lost in the clouds, and suddenly woah! Vashi! What the fuck is a Sion train doing at Vashi! What just happened? Call people... home... good, friend... good, friend at vashi... not good... asked you to come over, so you head back... twelve bucks left. Need ticket. Lucky you got out without being caught. Buy a ticket. So I purchased a ticket. Ten bucks. Call from home, I attended it... something like check frequency of trains and come by bus... ok I say, already have the ticket, climb on to next train, under the impression that the train I came in came to Vashi via thane, didn't think a sion stop train would not go to thane, trusted pattenrs too much, so train goes via chembur type places and comes to a halt ar Kurla, where I get down, switch tracks, and come back home in a Thane Train. Till now Hir, Hid and Hs had started having a threesome, and I just realised something... I had not even done anything yet. Nothing was wrong with me. I was a perfectly pure person so far. No impurities of any kind had entered me. This was a wrong state to be in. I needed something... just for kicks... and to sort out a difficulty... yes, no money to go home. Walk... walk on to talao pali. Two bucks. Do cigarettes come that cheap? You do not know. You have no clue. You are good, because you have no misconceptions of cigatettes other than the brand you normally smoke. So you buy a four square... its just a buck and a half... you have a fifty paise coin left... and you take out your magic balls of paradise, roll it at talao pali, and take a deep drag...."

"Bang in the middle of Talo Pali? Are you telling me that you doped bang in the middle of talao Pali?"

"No, stupid, not bang in the middle of talao pali, I was sitting on the stone ledge."

"Oh man... you know what I meant..."

So as I was saying, that made me walk home, and it was like one step in front of the other, ignore the hunger, ignore the thirst, pretend you are a traveller in the desert, and you just have to keep plodding ahead... and then you really feel like a plodder in a lonely desert, you even start seeing the mirages. And you get a phone call. From the friend you called in Vashi. 'hey, when are you coming over? No man, I am back at thane, it was like wanted to see if you were around vashi Station itself... You should have told me man, then I would have come over to Vashi station... oh sorry... so... what's up? Are you submitting a film for the mobile film fest? My exams are going on... I donno... is there time? Yes, there is time till the twenty fifth... see if you can make it till then, we can go submit it together somewhere in Lokhandwala... Ok, cool I will think up of something... and Guess what! I got a playstation 2, and some games as well... like burnout... Oh man, I am crashing at your house after the exams... yes man, come over, there is a lot of work to do...' and I keep the phone and I walk on, and I think... there is something I need to think of... think of something you can make a movie about... think of some movie that you can think about... so I got stuck on Pi for a sec there you know, about the numbers thing, it was pretty simple really, the numbers that you think are real are unreal... they do not exist, numbers do not have an existance of their own, they are fake and figments of your imagination right? Therefore anything that is proven with the use of numbers is all proof built on mathematics right? So everything that anyone claims, based on mathematic proof, is pure bullshit. Therefore, listen to the language of words, of everything that is unscientific, anything that can be proven without the use of numbers... just play a game of pool or something, then you will understand, there is your truth, and your reality. Yes reality was dominating now. I was back home man, sitting on the comp, when you called and I came over for some thums up. This place is nice. Damned thing. I think that a nice movie can be made about all of this. This, right here, would be a picturesque shot... I think We should make a movie about all of this man!"
"Maybe one incident, but you cannot just make a bunch of incoherent scenes... there has to be some connection."

"You think?"

"Oh yes, you can make a connection, especially amidst two apparently unconnected things".

"You want to hear the script for the film? It just got made"

"Ok", he said. So I told him the script for the mobile film fest.

1: Montage [voice over: what can a cameraphone do?]

2: Camera phone is seen from another camera phone "[continued from V.O.]Hello, I just called to ask if you would be willing to lend your voice to a movie" whatever the person says now will be recorded... then "Do you think that if you were smart, and had eyes, you would see with it?" Record whatever answer the called person says at this point of time. [convo1] [guyconvo has lot of static]

3: camera phone seeing "during different comversations" Conversation seen first is happening while hutch dog and little boy trying to go in different ways [dogconvo]. Conversation seen last, with two or three in between, is about a guy someplace placing a call [guy convo]. Cut to random call showing a girl's phone vibrating, but not being picked up [fatherconvo]. Cut to guy convo. Cut to fatherconvo. Cut to guy convo again, in a different place. Cut to fatherconvo, girl appears on screen, then disappears as the head is turned... "just a sec... " Cut to girl coming on screen of the camera, picking up the phone and turning it around. Cut to guy saying "phew... hello"

4: cut to camera being used for different things. Alarm, (snores heard), sleepy person throws phone. Batteries and sim cards being exchanged between two phones simultaneously recording side by side, from the point of view of both the camera phones. Cut to shot of phone held awkwardly between the shoulder and the ears, shaking wildly and only pants being visible on screen. Cut to 2-3 random conversations.

5:cut to guyconvo "phew... hello. what were you doing? I tried calling you for so long!" Cut to girlconvo, as father turns away from screen "nothing I have been busy" cut to father convo girl moves off screen, just as she begins to smile. cut to guy convo "where are you" cut to girl convo "home", father comes back on screen, who shakes head, and looks away, talking on the phone. Cut to snoring man... phone is at an awkward angle... it beings to vibrate and to record... sleeping man throws phone again. cuts to two people who exchanged phones talking to two other people... people in the first intercuts probably, one talking to the father even.

6: Cut to guyconvo "ok meet me at McDonalds Anderi... I will be coming there in some time, right now I am at Ghatkoper"

7:Cut to girl convo, hears over the phone, "Meet at McDonalds... " Girl says "which one?" Guyconvo "Right now...static... at ghatkoper" Girlconvo "Ok bye." Camera phone sliding into pocket. "Dad! I need to go to Ghatkoper, right now, so bye!"

8: Hutch dog and boy still struggling.

9: Whatever the person replies to at the convo [convo1]

10: Camera phone angle of a camera phone caller being called to by the phone itself. "Are yous cared of the camera phone?" Person in front of camera caught reacting.

11: Girl at macdonalds, see boy who talked to father coming near her. Camera angle of person telling, duplicate sim card se bohut kuch kar sakte hain.

12: "Now do you understand all the circuitry inside a mobile phone?" [Convo1]

13: Sleeping man wakes up and looks at his phone, waiting for the alarm. He picsk up the phone, things fall down.

14: The boy ends up giving in to the hutch dog.

"Isn't your phone smart now" [convo 1]
[fast mongage, the same one as the beggening, different scenes shown]
Voice Over: So what can a camera phone make you do?

"cool story man, I really think you should do it, as long as I dont have to play the role of the guy struggling with the hutch dog." So I was like ok... there can be nice phone operation scenes in the middle like a surgeon, with a needle... whoa... make this real, make this cool, it will look nice in a mobile film... Great idea: recreate sets with layer of action and 1 bg layer of printouts. BLUE SCREEN IN BETWEEN, recreate sets on bryce. Yeah!"