A million sunsets

So we were on a trek, and by virtue of how early we started off, it was still pretty dark when we reached the base. We stopped at a waterfall we chanced on the road, and decided to rest a while till light came. The sun was a good hour away, so one of us went to sleep, some went to explore the area, and some brought out stuff to eat. I put on some music about interstellar travel, societies in space and panspermia, and had a good hard look at the predawn stars. Its like a flat sheet of paper has been spray painted carelessly with white dots. Of course, the more you look, the more you can see, and there is no limit to how many stars twinkle into existence as you notice them. Some of them are pretty familiar, and stand out clearly.

What was interesting was when the sun started to rise. The sky began to change its color long before the sun actually broke the horizon, so the reverse effect of the stars twinkling into existence happened - they twinkled out - but very slowly. If you concentrated enough, it was still possible to see the fainter stars. Just before dawn, if you looked up, you could see three maybe, four stars. But if you continued to look up, a whole host of them were still visible. Finally the sun rose, and all of em disappeared for the day.

Heading out to Borivili National Park tomorrow for a break from all the tech and a much needed dose of endorphines - might take some more macros and a few panos for sure - see below.