"Trek" to Korlai

There are many contenders for the easiest trek in Maharashtra. This is not including stupid stuff like walking up the stairs to your apartment during load shedding. A good contender is Karnala, which is a Trek that a lot of people are recommended to start of with. It is the perfect begginner's trek. Every weekend at least one batch of kids are taken to the top. But around ten times easier than that is the trek to Lohgad. It's more or less a picnic, because there is hardly any trekking involved. But Korlai, beats them all. This is so far the easiest trek I have gone to. From the base villiage, you are on the top in five minutes flat. FIVE MINUTES! This is actually easier than walking to the top of a fifteen storey building dammit. But it is a historically significant fort, and like Murud, is surrounded on three sides by water. We started from the Gateway of India, and crossed over to Alibag on a ferry. This was an interesting ride in itself, as we went past a couple of large ships, barges, catamarans and tankers.

About an hour into the journey, the whole boat was full of excitement as we spotted Dolphins. Dolphins so close to such busy waters is a rare sight. They can be spotted easily further down, in Goa for example, but here... that was a little bit of magic.

We spotted cannons on the beach. The fort was held by the portuguese for some time, so there is a lot of christian influence around. There was a large jesus in the middle of a hill.