The worst assumptions Internet ads/spammers make about YOU

20) YOU will take advise from strangers on how to "ride her hard" and "set her loins on fire" with YOUR "love rod" (70% off just for YOU)
19) YOU have a problem - and they have all the answers
18) Exclamation marks makes stuff more believable/buyable.
17) YOU want to know the secret
16) YOU need something organic to improve YOUR health
15) YOU are in pain, lonely, lost or suffering from acute depression
14) YOU are jittery about obscure diseases
13) YOU are constipated
12) YOU are desperate for subscription free medication - particularly Viagra, cialis or various painkillers
11) YOU can read Chinese or Greek
10) YOU have a fat, ugly belly and want to lose weight
09) YOU are underpaid
08) YOU are underqualified, and don't have a proper education - so YOU can buy the diploma/degree/masters/bachelors online
07) YOU will buy anything as long as its cheap
06) YOU have a minuscule dick (irrespective of gender) - and what's more, it is always floppy
04) YOU have problems with the opposite sex - hell, YOU can't talk to them, don't know how to please them, and they have mysterious problems with YOU. Also YOU are a dirty, smelly, uncouth bum.
03) YOU are into Hentai
02) YOU are worried about aging too soon - and want to look younger
01) YOU will respond if the mailers are addressed to YOU


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