Trek to Peth Fort

Peth Fort (known as Kothaligad) is actually more or less a picnic. The base villiage is called Ambivli - not to be confused with Ambivili. To reach Ambivli, we all climbed into a taxi - one of those jeeps where you get to stand on the footboard in a space crunch. Three people climbed onto the roof. From Ambivili, there is a pakka road all the way to the village of Peth. Here we found two guides who were below five years of age, who took five rupees to show us the way to the top. The trek starts from the village of Peth, where accomodation can be found for the night, tea and food being available throughout the day. on the top were caves, a cannon pointed towards the valley, cows grazing at an insane altitude and a view of Matheran, Bhimashankar and Siddhagad. The top of the fort is a small spindle shaped area, with loads of fresh grass and butterflies flitting about. Travellers can spend the nights in the caves as well, and lemon water is available as a refreshment here - although they cost Rs. 7 for a glass.