The monkeys at Borivili National park are pretty approachable. Although we had to move slowly, and a few ran away when the camera was pointed at them, the older and the larger monkeys were bold enough to let us approach to within two feet of them. It was a relaxed group, and the food was plentiful - almost all of them were eating. One of the monkeys tried to attack a friend of mine, but apart from that, there were no incidents. A bunch of people saw how close we were to the monkeys, and three of them approached with their mobile cameras - for some reason, the monkeys went away then. An old man leading a group of old men through the park warned me that the monkey will take my camera and scram - fortunately, his dire warning did not come true. After a particular monkey had settled down with his fruit, I became bold enough to thrust my camera right at his face - and he just stayed there, continuing to eat. Pity you cannot teach wild monkeys to smile.